Saturday, December 15, 2012

Morgan continues her melt down, film at 11

Morgan continues her melt down, film at 11

Dear Dr. Phil,

As you can see, Morgan Barteaux Gell is continuing her descent into highly repetitious lies and fantasy, further proving she is desperate and unconnected to reality. Not a shred of truth in sight, but the recycling of themes, with the addition of, wait while I grab the quote, “Melinda Pillsbury foster cant Cook anything but Weenies and Peanut Butter and Jelly.” I used to cater fundraisers for events. Ms. Barteaux's imagination grows ever more verdant with unreality.

Actually, Arthur is presently having some further rehabilitation with private Pilates instruction and is participating in the church choir. 

He is interested in my other projects and eager to participate in helping with putting on events for the Church. Within the last six weeks I wrote and put on two of these. 

Right now he is on his computer finding me Green Tech sites.

Morgan did not mention her last attempt to change Arthur's life course. In other words, kill him off.  

This took place when Arthur was hanging, at Death's Door, in Northridge Hospital. After they opened his skull to remove the bullet his head continued to swell and the stint did not look like it was adequately removing the pressure. It was hard for me to breathe, the idea of losing him hurt so much.

Morgan called me up and told me she was having heart problems and her physician had put her on the transplant list. Then she asked me to turn off Arthur's life support so she could have his heart.

Naturally, there was nothing wrong with that large muscle pumping in the center or her torso. No. the problem was with the amygdala, which in her case is permanently flawed, thus accounting for her psychopathic behavior. This took place just after Craig, Arthur's adoptive father, had learned I had been advised to donate his organs. Craig really wanted Arthur dead so he would not have to pay support for a disabled adult child. After all, he only made a million a year or so.  

 Those moments on the phone burned into my mind. I will never forget. They shredded me emotionally. I believed then I was going to lose two children. Now I know Morgan was never my child. Your only relationship with a psychopath is as an undigested meal. 

Craig had, doubtless, offered Morgan a bonus on the $5,000 a month he was giving her. Incidentally, did I ever mention this is the amount he routinely gives to women so he can have sex with them at will? No, well, now you know.Certainly, the unfolding of events have left no doubt in my mind as to the relationship between Morgan and Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin.  

For psychopaths, it is all about the money. If Morgan's two sons became inconvenient, or they lost their food stamp allowance no one could tell what would happen to them, rest assured. 

Morgan talks a lot about Arthur's disability allotment and her fondness for Arthur.  There was none of that until she knew he was on disability.  Then it was all about 'having him visit her.'  When I told Arthur this he stared at me and said, "She wants to stick me in the closet and keep the money."   

Arthur survived and is recovering, not as rapidly as I wanted, but he is working on his life and goodness shines out of his eyes. His siblings all abandoned him. This often happens when the burden of caring for a disabled family member hits the upscale expectations of others.  We understand, and we forgive my real children.  Morgan - well, she is no longer a member of the family.  

Arthur continues to send  emails to his siblings, the ones he loves, but they do not answer. That is their loss. 

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