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Morgan Batreaux Gell is just like her real father - brother, and sister



This quaint screed from Morgan Barteaux Gell, her actual name, starts and ends with unsupported assertions about which she can know nothing because she asserts a knowledge of facts which took place long before she was born. She has no proof or documentation of any kind of events taking place then or later.

I don't have to produce a high school diploma. I graduated from Venice High School, went on to college and then quit college to marry and go into politics. This is not rocket science.

Here follows a list of some of the things I have done. 

Santa Monica College - 1968 - 1971 

Representative to Council of Presidents, Judo and Karate Club, Santa Monica College - 1969

Member, St. Bede's Church, West Los Angeles - 1969

Newsletter Editor, Libertarian Party, West Los Angeles - 1974

Chairman, MacBride Campaign, West Los Angeles - 1975

Chairman, Libertarian Party, West Los Angeles - 1976

Chairman, Libertarian Party, San Fernando Valley – 1978

Answered the Right to Life Line for Los Angeles – 1980

Los Angeles County Chairman, Libertarian Party of California - 1979

Southern Vice Chairman, Libertarian Party of California, six terms – 1979 – 1984

President, Northridge – Reseda Coordinating Council - 1979

Board member, Girl Scouts, Reseda Area – several years

Board member, Cub Scouts, Reseda Area - several years

Room Mother for various years Northridge Lutheran School – all years the children attended, 1978 - 1984

State Rep to Libertarian National Committee – 1987 - 1988

Officer, Eastern Star – 1989

Newsletter Editor, Eastern Star – 1990

Authored - Seventh Voice – 1991

Founder, Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation - 1992

Director, at the request of Roger MacBride, Producer of Little House on the Prarie and Libertarian Candidate for President, 1976, Convention for the Republican Liberty Caucus, held in Santa Barbara - 1995

Officer, Amaranth – 1992 - 1997

Royal Matron – Amaranth. - 1996 – 1998 2 terms

Regent, National Federation of Republican Women - 1997

County Vice President, CFRW, for Santa Barbara – 2002

President, Business and Professional Women, Santa Barbara – 2003

Organized Campaign to Draft Norman Schwarzkopf for President (this effort was transferred to the newly organized Veteran's Party, who met with Norman.) – early 2004

Author – Greed: The NeoConning of America – 2004

Began blogging on the issue of NeoConservative take over of America [How the NeoCons Stole Freedom] – 2005

Invited to do my first radio show on – The Spiritual Politician – 2006

Writing for the Lone Star Iconoclast – 2006 - present

Organized Copper Cards - 2007

Radio Show on Ron Paul Revolution Radio – 2007 – 2008

Radio Show on the MicroEffect – 2009

Radio Show on RMNRadio – 2011

Began work in the following areas of investigative journalism beginning in 2005:

Marriage Law Reform

Constitutional restoration


Court Reform

Traumatic Brain Injury

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Psychopathy - Sociopathy

I gave birth to Morgan, who is the biological daughter of a man who was later recognized to be a psychopath. Her half brother and sister, now in middle age, as is she, share life histories distinguished only by their lack of any normal achievements what so ever. 

Until not very long ago I defended her, at enormous cost to myself. I was her only support from the time she was 19, and thrown out of my sister Anne Gripp's home in Santa Barbara, until she moved in with Jay Gell in September 2004. She was then 38. We paid for her apartments, provided her with groceries, clothing, transportation and more, all in the belief she would, eventually, either finish college or find a job. 

Neither of her half siblings, by her real father have, either. 

I have, consistently, written about Jimmy for years, defending him when the mistake is made of confusing the roles he played with the person he really was. I never heard Jimmy say anything which was not entirely appropriate for discussion with a child. Nothing I have every said reflects even a any nuance of the ugliness which spews from Morgan's mouth. 

September 26, 2005 Memories of James Dean

Friday, December 30, 2005 Why James Dean is Worth Remembering
Saturday, April 14, 2007 James Dean: A Recipe and a Memory

Morgans opinions and assertions are based on self-serving lies. Her 'family' of two children and a man who is an ugly character, who has no relations himself who will suffer him, is tragic only because she was able to put children, who may be normal, at risk. In all conscience, I should call CPS about this clear case of child abuse. 

For psychopaths it is very common to want to destroy what they cannot have or control. However, psychopaths should not be permitted into our lives. When we recognize them they need to be summarily rejected, socially and legally. Morgan is not related to me in any way because I reject her and disown her. This will never change, as psychopathy is not amendable or curable.  I want others to understand her so they can avoid being harmed as she has harmed me and my family

But Morgan is soooo much like the Manchesters.  Perhaps they should move in together.  Don't miss the latest exciting Laura Letters on the Duke and Doxie site which show you how Alex treats his wives.  But, hey, Laura, at least he did not try to shoot you with a spear gun!

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