Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Father - Daughter Moment for Morgan

Morgan Barteaux Gell has been studying English under the tutelage of Laura, Doxie of Manchester. A mistake. Laura is not literate, either. So nice Morgan finally found her level in life.

It is truly bizarre to watch Morgan make herself look even more ridiculous – and defending Craig. Not that there is anything she will not do for money, that is clear.

I have never said Craig was convicted, I say, and this is absolutely true, he is obsessed by incest pornography. His sexual fantasies focus on the rape and betrayal and destruction of little girls and young women. Certainly Mrs. Herrama remembers Craig's porn collection, doesn't she?

For those who do not know, Dawn went through Craig's drawers and found some of his raunchy magazines (I did not know they were there) and took them to the Christian school where she attended. She then loaned them to some of the boys, who were caught. This caused the principal, Mrs. Herrama to call for a parent conference because Dawn told her she took them because she thought their presence meant Craig and I were having marital problems. Well, we were, since he was attempting to sexually abuse my children, not that he had to try hard with Morgan, just offer her enough money, evidently.

Dawn was so inventive. Still makes me laugh, now that I am over the shock of finding out what Craig kept in his drawers.

Judge Thomas Anderle has quite a reputation out there and it is shocking, really shocking. Think Color of Law, as correlating documents is slow but certainly proceeding.

Keep talking, your previous depositions and affidavits refute what you say, as do other third party facts presented by people who have 'no dog in the fight.' I still have the contact info for the private detective who found Craig's incest porn and the receipt, too. Does your Daddy Craig call you whining about how badly his life is going?

Talking in caps, by the way is in bad taste, but then, so are you. Richard's father was probably a psychopath, too. That is likely why little Richard was given up for adoption. The lack of disclosure was really an issue there, don't you think? I should sue someone. If only I had known you could have been someone else's problem.

What kind of person goes after a married man? You. That was Eddy van Halen.

What kind of a woman harasses her mother to write letters to the man she cannot attract with her own intellect? Eugene Volokh, remember?

And what is this fixation with having sex with my former boy friends and husbands? Did you screw Ron, too? You probably did not manage to have sex with your father as he was in Cheyenne by the time you started looking for him.

How about your first sexual experience, that you shared? With Devon Martin just days after Mother died – and you had to call me up and give me a blow by blow description while I was in a business meeting. Really. It was one of the unforgettable moments. The phone was rather loud, unfortunately. Ha! Never told you that, did I? I didn't want to embarrass you.  Pretty funny. 

 A Father Daughter Moment for Craig and Morgan

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