Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Response - Ron Foster, Craig Franklin, Beverly Bardi Foster, and some back story.

I found this posted.  This is the response.  

If Morgan is going to continue to post her asinine blatherings on the web she would learn to spell and punctuate. After all, she is now 45 years old and approaching menopause. Time to grow up, if this is possible for someone without conscience.

The posting, to which this is a response, originated from the theft of my personal papers by the Gells, entrusted to them under Power of Attorney, for an entirely different matter. Anyone dealing with the Gells should keep in mind many have learned they are not to be trusted, stealing and breaking any promises when this might in any way benefit them.

The specific document, from which this small section is reproduced, came from a declaration written by my daughter, Dawn Pillsbury. The events, which she interpreted in ways which astonished me, took place when she was 12. The document, here reproduced in its entirety, was written when she was in her early twenties so her comments should be taken with a grain of salt. Dawn marches to the tune of a very different drummer. The section regarding her adopted father, Craig Franklin, was attested to by multiple witnesses. 

I put her understanding of my marital affairs, most of which, naturally, took place out of her sight and beyond her knowledge, to her rather active imagination.Many things she related were a surprise to me.  Jokes were made about polyandry.  It was actually more closely akin to indentured servitude from my point of view.  Craig's 'purchase' of me as a wife was witnessed, as related by Dawn by all of the children.  Since Ron and I were, as we had agreed, divorced, this was a great deal from his, Ron's perspective. 

The facts are far more prosaic.

Her father, Ron Foster and I decided to get a divorce in 1981. This was fairly amicable. He was spending all of his recreational time playing either video games, in particular Buried Bucks, or at game parties with friends which went on all weekend. He was also drinking heavily.   I was, at the time, an officer in the Libertarian Party and active in several community groups and at the children's school. We lived entirely separate lives. We agreed each of us was free to date others, putting off the formal divorce until certain matters were handle, namely, finishing the room addition so my parents could be repaid.  

Having Ron live at the house during the period before the divorce was intended to let us accumulate enough money to finish the room edition, for which, we had borrowed money from my parents. 

My parents had previously loaned us the money to purchase the house when Ron's parents evicted us from the home they had agreed to sell us in West Los Angeles.  Albert and Ilene Kellett, Ron's parents, had asked us to wait to continue to rent the home while they sold one house a year, as part of their capital augmentation plans.  When they had finished disposing of their other holdings, Albert, Ron's father, discovered the worth of the house had doubled or tripled, due to the upward motion of the real estate market in Los Angeles.  This took place in 1977.

I was, at  the time, between eight and nine months pregnant with our son, who would be named Arthur.

We moved days before Christmas into a smaller and run down house in Reseda, all we could afford, because of having agreed to wait.

My parents dipped into their savings to make the down payment possible.   Ron immediately started a room addition, which he never finished, this interfering with his gaming activities. A second loan from my parents, explicitly made to finish the house  was made around 1980.  Instead of using the money for its intended purpose Ron decided to buy gold. 

These events played largely into my determination to get Ron out of my life and the lives our our children. 

This state of affairs ended on Thanksgiving of 1994 when Ron battered me and the children. I reported him to the police. He was arrested. I have the subsequent documentation and can make it available, if the need arises.

Ron told me the gold purchased with the money loaned by my parents had been spent for other purposes. I later learned he had simply hidden it. This asset was later snorted by Ron's second wife, Beverly.

I learned about the sale of the gold by Beverly from Arthur, who briefly, lived with her and Ron.   Beverly, whose breakfast consisted of a six pack of beer, according to Arthur, asked him to sell the gold for her to obtain drugs, which she then snorted. Arthur recounts  this very clearly and is willing to make a declaration on these facts, and more.

He also remembers Ron bringing home dinner for Beverly on the back of his motorcycle, a second six pack.

Eventually, I repaid the loans while married to Craig Franklin, who adopted the children. I thought it better they not have Ron and Beverly in their lives.  During the period from 1985 - 1988 Ron had been caught using the two girls to manicure his marijuana prior to selling it.He was, at the time, serving as an adult adviser for the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. 

Having Ron as a father was traumatic. Dawn's full statement does not include her own attempt to eliminate Ron, for many reasons, when she was five years old by stuffing his drunken head in the oven. She obtained the assistance her two younger siblings to drag him, still too drunk to respond, into the kitchen while I was away for two days at a conference. After this time a friend cared for them in my absence.

Morgan was, at this time, around 13, living with my parents and not privy to these events, which I did not care to share with my parents, wishing to spare them concern and, myself, embarrassment.  I am no longer worried about being embarrassed.  The time for truth has come. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Response to Morgan, who is NOT my daughter and has been long since disinherited.

  POST, to which this is a response, dated August 14, 2012.

Morgan Pillsbury Gell, AKA Carolyn Anne Barteaux, Carolyn Anne Foster, Carolyn Anne Pillsbury, and then Morgan Francis Pillsbury, is my biological daughter, born of my marriage to Richard Lee Barteaux, July 5, 1967. Documentation of Richard's history is available. It includes his dishonorable discharge from the military. He died of chronic alcoholism when he was 42, as memorialized by his death certificate.  

Since Morgan never had any interaction with Richard it is impossible her present condition was caused by nurture.  All of my other children are emotionally normal, possessing consciences and having lived normal lives and held jobs.  All of my biological siblings were also normal, as am I.  I am in regular contact with my only remaining sibling, the others, to whom I was also in routine contact, are deceased. 

Many psychopaths are now trying to claim they are 'disabled.'  I leave this to the intelligent observer of life to consider.  The cost to Americans from the the actions of psychopaths within the US are calculated at over 300 billion a year.  

Resources for copying with those without conscience:  Love Fraud   Life Stealers.

Article:  Psychopaths - What can an individual do?

Morgan was legally adopted by my parents when she was 12. I disowned her legally some years ago for her continued lies, thefts, and attempts to do harm to myself and her siblings. Concluding Morgan is a psychopath, as was her biological father, was based on a life time of coping with her behavior reinforced by discovering what had happened to Richard, who I had not seen since I was 18 and pregnant with Morgan.
The letter here reproduced illustrate my parents in no wise thought me to be unstable. At that point in time, I was an officer in the Libertarian Party and the first County Chairman for the LP of Los Angeles County. I was also raising three younger children with no problems. Not having Morgan living with me made my life far easier than that of my parents, I later realized. Morgan's continued demands on them, for cars, money and expensive gifts, made their last years a nightmare. 
Additionally, my father would never have trusted Morgan with anything which mattered to him, witness his turning his legacy from his father, Arthur C. Pillsbury, over to me in preference to any of my siblings. I kept my word to my father and continue to work to renew my grandfather's legacy. Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation
Morgan is always quick to claim credit for work she could never accomplish herself. 
Morgan lived with my parents nearly full time until they could no longer cope with her when she was 15. Exhausted with attempting to control her behavior, they had allowed her to drop out of school when she was 13. She never learned to write grammatically correct English, which a brief perusal of her letter below illustrates. 
Retrospectively, I realize she was never emotionally normal. The letter published on her site about me is a fabric of lies. Her assertions about myself are not supported by the facts, which a brief search via Google will confirm. My time is spent in productive activities, much of this as an organizer and journalist. I write not one, but two columns while also caring for my son, a 24/7 occupation in itself. Her statements about me are ad hominem attacks, unsupported by any documentation except her bald word. 
I would be astonished to hear anyone in the family is talking to Morgan. Ayn refused to have any further relations with her in 1998 and, to my knowledge, never spoke to her again. Dawn, to my knowledge, despised and distrusted her. Her cousins, to whom she was closer than any of her siblings, also have nothing to do with her. 
My son, Arthur, who I have cared for single-handled since he suffered two brain injuries in 1997 and 1998 is very vocal regarding his distrust of Morgan. Our relationship is one of trust and caring. It is well to note Morgan has not seen or spoken to Arthur since January, 2001. She expressed no concern for him at any time and has never moved a finger to help him in any way. 
Morgan did, however, have a very close, intimate, relationship with my former husband, who adopted her along with my other four children. Observing their behavior lead me to believe they had been sexually intimate, making their relationship incestuous, not surprising, given Morgan's demonstrated morals. 
Jimmy died when I was six. Morgan was born over twelve years later. She can have no direct knowledge of the matter. She did, however, claim to her friends in Hollywood to have been James Dean in a past life. Morgan used her very peripheral relationship with Jimmy, which existed only through me, during her attempts to 'make it' in the film industry. 
I knew Jimmy through his occasional visits to my mother, who knew his mother before she died. He occasionally had lunch with us. Jimmy told me we were cousins but I have never tried to prove this and never will. I valued Jimmy, not because he was an actor, but for his kindness and character. 
I did not speak of the acquaintanceship for years and was moved to do so in Jimmy's defense. Why James Dean is Worth Remembering
Claims by Morgan and her husband, Jay E. Gell of having been in some way wronged are outrageous. Read the letters they have sent me and my responses, if you doubt this. 
Their two children are to be pitied. They have no relationship with Jay's family, either. 
If Morgan had any other goal in life but to make money by harming others she would not be laboring to turn out letters such as the one below. I'm sure it took her hours. To my knowledge she has accomplished precisely nothing of note in a live given over to greed and self-indulgence. It is my earnest hope never to hear of her again. 

I suggest to anyone now dealing with the problem of a psychopath in their lives they ensure all legal steps possible are taken to ensure they cannot harass from you or, in any way, gain access to your property.  I have done so myself.   

Melinda Pillsbury Foster was not my Legal Guardian or my mother. My wonderful Grandparents wanted custody because my mother Melinda Pillsbury Foster was not a fit mentally stable parent.

My name is Morgan Gell,

I have have a wonderful family my two beautiful boys are fun, Extremely smart, Very interested school and have many friends.. Both of our sons are gentleman and have high marks in education already.
They make me smile everyday. My husband and I are very proud. Our children are beautiful our home is filled with love.

My husband and I work very hard and we also have a book coming out about my life as a daughter of a mentally ill woman.  Melinda Pillsbury foster, She calls herself a journalist so she can get away with doing slanderous blogs and stalk good people that includes my family. And many others. Rebecca Potter who I have never met has done a radio show on Rumor Mill news radio, A show who obviously does not do any research on who they have on the show.
Rebecca Potter lost her license to practice as a Psychologist in december for sleeping with a client and oweing him 5,000 dollars. Melinda Pillsbury foster has no idea what she is talking about. Melinda Pillsbury and Rebecca Potter are both frauds.

My struggle as a young woman when you have a mother constantly destroying everything and causing serious distress in many other peoples lives.  My life was changed by my mothers strong hold and mental illness it changed not only myself but many others.

Until I realised that my mother, Melinda Pillsbury foster was always lieing, Extorting money, Making strange business plans that never ever happen. Always trying to do and say horrible things to other people and our family.   I was entrapped in her lies and could not get out.  We all want a mothers love.

I Finally feel free now of Melinda Pillsbury fosters, Evil. And hold on my emotional life.

I  have people around me in support my life feels free of the mental illness she has put upon me and many others.  It is a feeling I cant explain, I could not have done it with out the support of friends and my family.
Finally, I have got away from my Evil mother and her sick mind and in fact serious mental illness.
She has hurt so many people young and old. She has a way of getting into your life it hard to explain.
Then she wont go away she needs to make people pay. She calls herself,  THE Melinda Pillsbury foster for a reason.
Melinda lost conservitorship in 2007, of my brother AurthurPillsbury Foster. Because the State had so many complaints about how Melinda had him living all over the country at other peoples homes then they would be homeless.
Melinda was cashing Authurs state checks for food and gas money and living off of Aurthur feeding him junk food. We are all worried about Aurthur we have no idea what Melinda is doing with him.
Ron fosters is Aurthurs father in Long Beach California. Not Craig Franklins son. Another lie by Melinda Pillsbury foster

My entire family none of us speak to her. All five of us have now entirely disowned Melinda Pillsbury foster as our mother several years ago now. I now am the last except for my other brother in California Justin.
 None of us want our children near our Mother Melinda Pillsbury foster she will never see any of her grandchildren. I think this speaks volumes in a family and who Melinda Pillsbury foster really is.
As you will see she has no recent photos of us or our children, Because she is not invited to any family gatherings of any of her children.  My family has been ruined by The Melinda Pillsbury foster..

Melinda never knew James Dean, This is a perfect example of her huge story's always trying to use other peoples names to get her so called Journalism out there with her name attached, Always attached to someone else who either has a family name, Money or any notoriety, We all have watched her destroy anyone who comes into her life.

My husband and myself in the sake of all people will not put up with this sick behaviour anymore we are filing charges and soon,  Melinda Pillsbury foster will not be able to stalk people with her mental illness on the Internet or otherwise again. 
Melinda Pillsbury Foster is not my mother she is not a person I would want as a friend.

Morgan Gell.
The very proud Gell family