Tuesday, December 25, 2012

And a Lovely Christmas Morning!

I finally read down past the CAPS.  What a compilation of past lies on your part!  But I'm sure it put you in the right mood for Christmas Morning, remembering what you are like when you don't get every single thing you want.  

I have to go put the finishing touched on breakfast now and Arthur is anxious to start opening his presents so this is going to be quick;.  

Craig, of course was different.  What he wanted was to experience the shock and horror of little girls as he sexually assaulted them.  There is lots of documentation on his sexual proclivities, you know. 

Putting up the facts on the internet can in no way be construed as extortion.  I want the truth out and have a right to tell the truth, which is its own, absolute defense.  I have documentation.  You don't.  The Manchesters have ZERO credibility with anyone, and that level of respect is sinking every day.  I cannot tell you how delighted I am that Craig and you, and Fund, for that matter, decided they would make great allies.  

Since you helpfully compiled your lies I have a use for them.   

Maybe tonight. 


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