Friday, September 20, 2013

Morgan and Laura again stir - and post on Morgan's site

Morgan Barteaux Gell, to whom I gave birth on July 5, 1967, is a psychopath. It was tragic for my entire, very normal family and my later children. Psychopaths are predators, feeding on those around them. Morgan nearly consumed me while living a life of deceit and self-indulgence.

Lying is standard operating procedure for the disordered.

With this post Morgan again illustrates the ability of a psychopath to lie in the mistaken belief her vehemence will overwhelm the fact she offers no proof in the mind of reader.

I am not legally Morgan's mother. My parents adopted her legally when she was twelve years of age.

I never lie. James Dean occasionally came to our house when I was a little girl to visit with my mother. I was never alone with him and never claimed to have an inappropriate relationship with him. He talked to me. Small children remember adults who pay attention to them and listen, as Jimmy did. But Jimmy was courteous and kind to everyone, in my experience.

I was six when he was killed in 1955. I've written about those visits and about the kind of person I found Jimmy to be.

It was Morgan who made other claims, including she had been James Dean in a past life. Morgan also used her very tangental relationship with Jimmy, through my recollections, to create relationships in Hollywood and in Scientology, which she flirted with for a time.

Rule One – Always demand documentation when you suspect you are dealing with a psychopath.

This post will reappear whenever Morgan and Laura, Duchess of Manchester, slander or libel me. I am now seriously researching Laura and some exciting and amusing facts are emerging from the murky darkness which is her life.

Wendy and I speculate Morgan has partnered with Laura, Duchess of Manchester, in these posts and this response will appear on the Manchester site as well as her own site, where the referenced libel appears.

Morgan's biological father was a psychopath. His name was Richard Lee Barteaux and he died of chronic alcoholism in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the age of 43. Death Certificate More of the story appears at Barteaux, The Family Story. No one in his family, his adopted mother and father, or his children shed a tear. His body was briskly cremated, the ashed dispersed over a local brewery, this deemed to be appropriate as a statement on his chosen path in life according to his daughter-in-law, who flew to Cheyenne to handle the arrangements.

M organ, now 47 years of age, is married to Jay Gell and lives in King's Mountain, North Carolina. She had two children late in life, toward the end of her reproductive years. She works at Walmart, from what I have been told though I have no first hand knowledge of this.

How she spent her earlier life, and the chaos she caused, speak far more loudly than the more limited existance she now lives in a low-income life style, forced to care for her small home and two small children.

Morgan did not finish high school. My parents, who asked to raise her, exhausted from her tantrums and demands, allowed her to drop out of school when she was 13. Thereafter, she was expected to follow a regimen for home study, but this never happened.

Her lack of education accounts for her lack of English skills and ignorance of anything with ain intellectual bent.

This also accounts for her lying insistance neither Wendy or I graduated. She produces no proof, and both of us did graduate, not that graduating from high school is much of an indicator of intellectual prowess.

Instead of attending classes when Morgan began city college, she was looked for men. The idea of having a career held no interest for her.

For a time she claims she was the mistress of Eddy van Halen. I have no proof of this except her word, which is not worth much, but she did have access through a childhood acquaintance of the van Halen's this affirmed by the friend, who I also knew.

Beginning a sexual relationship with a married man violates so many measures of human decency nothing more be said. Bragging about it multipies the offense.

Morgan managed to engage the interest of Eugene Volokh, a wealthy attorney and law professor by asking me to provide her with books she could claim to have read. She also demanded I write emails to him for her. After several days of harassment I admit to having done so.

Eugene wised up and dumped her in the summer of 1998.

Rather than recount the many uglinesses of Morgan's life I list here legal documents which show her to admit to lying and to having no conscience, with a short narrative.

1989 - Craig Franklin insisted he be allowed to adopt my four children from my previous marriage to Ron Foster (AKA Kellett) Adoption took place by Wills and by Ron giving up his parental rights.

1997 - Morgan began accepting money to destroy me from my husband, Craig Franklin.

Morgan conspired with Craig Franklin, her adopted father and my estranged husband to ensure her brother, Arthur, did not recover from a suicide attempt in March of 1998. She accepted payment from Craig of $10,000 for attempting this. When it did not work Craig demanded the money be returned.
Craig is, himself, a psychopath and a sexual predator whose targets are little girls. His fantasies focus on incest.

December 1999 - After Craig tried to force Morgan to have sex with him in she moved to New York to continue her attempts to get John Fund to marry her. She had begun a sexual relationship with him a month after Eugene dumped her.

Craig stopped paying her after he forced her to sign an agreement to repay him at the December meeting at his attorney's office, Jacqueline Misho, in December, 1998.

Her sister, Ayn, was no longer speaking to Morgan when this was written in 1999

In September, 1999 Morgan contacted me asking to make up. I stupidly agreed and, she said to make up for the wrongs she had done me, Morgan made a recording of a conversation between herself and Craig.

Morgan declared bankruptcy for the loans, which were actually payments for her attempts to destroy me and kill Arthur when Craig sued her for the money, in retaliation. “


Morgan is a person who views those around her as resources to be used. Morgan is a psychopath. I learned slow, but I did learn. 


Morgan is a person who views those around her as resources to be used. Morgan is a psychopath. I learned slow, but I did learn. 

And on the issues covered  touching on Wendy.

We are not going to waste our time responding to your repetitive lies. Put up facts or find a job at Walmart with Morgan.

No one is reading you because you are illiterate and boring, boring, boring. Don't you get yet that the Manchester Trust made the payments into support? No, of course not, because then you would have to confront the fact they, knowing Alex oh, so well, knew he would never support his children.

Laura knows this but Alex is a demon when she is not in attack mode repeat, repeat repeat.

And now, on to Holly, Michigan.