Monday, December 24, 2012

Morgan, the Contemptible

I have been Class Agent for my year at St. Stephen's of Rome for five years now, doing updates for the class bulletin and keeping in touch with fellow classmates.  

And again Morgan lies, see the POST which Craig did not appear to edit,  but this time maligning and marginalizing a dead man who cannot fight back, someone who was kind, tolerant and entirely decent - so I will speak for my father, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury.

I attended during the first year of full operations at St. Stephen's School of Rome in 1964 - 1965,  and so am a Charter Student. Father was a highly respected academic and scientist.  

Notice, either Morgan is intentionally lying or she knows nothing of the family history.  Father was a wonderful man and father, who taught me to live and rejoice in learning,  despite the hardships life brings.  Notice the entry below which documents Father's sabbatical in 1964-1965, with link to source.  Since Morgan is incapable of remembering  anything which orients to the intellect I have copied from the FAO site their address.  Notice this Morgan - ROME. 

Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00153 Rome, Italy
Telephone: (+39) 06 57051
Fax: (+39) 06 570 53152

We lived at 31 Viale Pasteur, L'EUR, a suburb of Rome and Father commuted using the Metro, as did I.  I walked to the Metro station, got off downtown and took the No. 39 bus to Piazza Euclide, and walked to school from that stop for a full year.    The School's first location, in 1964, was the Villa S. Valentino.  

What kind of drugs are you taking, Morgan?   You weren't even born when I graduated from High School - of course I graduated, not that getting a high school diploma means much.  Only first generation of 'literates' - like Craig's family, embroider their graduation dates on their loincloths.  Father had a PhD himself but to him what mattered was what you could do and the excellence of your work.  

 This is one of the reasons you never fit in with my family culture, and why he hoped someday you would be able to get a job as a secretary - if you worked at it.  No one had any doubt I would be doing something original. 

And why did you think my Mother was watching you during the day?  I was in college, actually taking my classes and passing tests, not humping a married man, Eddy Van Halen, and snorting drugs. 

Morgan is, truly, a Barteaux in all ways.  

From: University of California Archive CaliSphere - “Art's research earned the respect of engineers and agricultural scientists around the world. He was recognized as an international authority. While on sabbatical leave in 1964-65 Art was a consultant to the Water Resources and Irrigation Branch of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, advising on water quality programs for France, Scandinavia, Holland, England, Morocco, Pakistan and India. He also consulted for the Arizona vs. California water rights litigation, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank), and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He chaired the San Jacinto Basin Water Advisory Committee and the Coachella Valley Drainage Cooperators and was a member of the U.S. Panel of the International Boundary and Water Commission for the United States and Mexico, which addressed salinity problems of the Colorado River. He was also a member of the Statewide Conservation Guidance Committee of the California State Soil Conservation Commission, the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration's National Technical Committee on Water Quality Requirements for Agricultural Uses, and the Technical Coordinating Committee, San Francisco Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Program. As a member of the Los Angeles Mayor's Hill Brush Committee, he was among the first to warn that brush fires can lead to flooding and erosion because the ground cover is destroyed. Art served on many campus and Systemwide committees relating to agriculture and water.”

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