Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Morgan and Manchester Update, Manchesters pass the ball

It should be noted that Laura and Alex are allowing Morgan to actually be the one who 'posts' while they contribute to the content and provide documents, which are then mischaracterized. For questions about the divorce between Wendy Montagu and Alexander Montagu see TIME LINE.

Both Morgan and the Montagus make false reports to various authorities, such as CPS routinely. These have only resulted in the loss of any credibility with those authorities they might ever have had.

In her latest 'post.'

Morgan is, again, engaging in continued attempts to revise history, as she attacks me for a debt I was not at the time, or yet, able to pay but always have acknowledged and refused to extinguish in bankruptcy. When I have the money all my debts will be paid. At that time Morgan will also find herself in court with my demands to be paid for the monies and other resources provided to her as she engaged in her serial frauds. I no longer acknowledge Morgan as any kind of relation and would not assist her in any way, no matter what happens to her in the future.

Note that Morgan owes me for supporting her through the time she was 19 when she was living with me and defrauding me by lying about attending college, instead engaging in a sexual relationship with Eddy van Halen and staying stoned and drunk when not in our presence, we later learned.

I cite the Hare Checklist for key features of psychopathy, characteristics quoted in toto below, which include this on early childhood behavior.

Early Behaviour Problems
Most psychopaths begin to exhibit serious behavioural problems at an early age. These might include persistent lying, cheating, theft, arson, truancy, substance abuse, vandalism, and/or precocious sexuality. Because many children exhibit some of these behaviours at one time or another, it is important to emphasize that the psychopath's history of such behaviours is more extensive and serious than most.”

Morgan also asserted a continued sense of her entitlement to whatever she wanted, draining both myself and my parents, while they still lived.

Egocentric and Grandiose
Psychopaths have a narcissistic and grossly inflated view of their own self-worth and importance, a truly astounding egocentricity and sense of entitlement, and see themselves as the centre of the universe, justified in living according to their own rules.”

As you listen to the WeaselSearch tape, and read the transcript, several things will become clear. John absolutely did not want me to know they were having sex. His caution in this regard could have been related to the fact I was well connected politically and a member of the same chapter of National Federation of Republican Women as Arianna Huffington. He had attempted to use me as a conduit to insert disinformation for a number of years by that time. I had noticed this and begun documenting the bizarre stories he told me.

As it turns out, John was correct regarding the potential impact on his career. After the facts percolated out as rumor he lost the job for which he was being considered as a speech writer in the Bush White House in 2000. The immediate cause was his refusal to discuss the matter with me, which forced me to contact him by fax at the WSJ, where he was then working. October 27, 1999 Fax to the Wall Street Journal I was later told it was copied at least five times on its way to his office from the central receiving office.

Both Fund and Morgan show clear indications of being psychopathic, according to the Hare Checklist.

Glib and Superficial
Psychopaths are often voluble and verbally facile. They can be amusing and entertaining conversationalists, ready with a clever comeback, and are able to tell unlikely but convincing stories that cast themselves in a good light.”

Fund's concern I not know about their relationship is a major focus of the conversation. Morgan then tells John she can shut me up, all she needs to do is 'tell' me. This puts to rest the idea Morgan did not absolutely believe she controlled me, an idea which, retrospectively is clear from her behavior. She shows no a scintilla of concern for me, though she knows I have been through years of unending trauma without support from my family while caring for my disabled son and struggling with my own heart problems, the need for corneal transplants, and other surgeries.

Lack of Empathy
Many of the characteristics displayed by psychopaths are closely associated with a profound lack of empathy and inability to construct a mental and emotional "facsimile" of another person. They seem completely unable to "get into the skin" of others, except in a purely intellectual sense.”

She has, under deposition and affidavit, admitted these facts.

Through her twenties and into her thirties as she continued looking for a wealthy man to marry. She first did this in the Hollywood community as she 'tried to make it in Hollywood,' a marginal possibility given her lack of talent, and then by targeting on people she met through me.

Eventually, she was accepting money from my estranged husband and traveling with him to such places as New York London, and Paris. He had made it clear to her he was interested in a sexual relationship with her.

Adult Antisocial Behaviour
Psychopaths see the rules and expectations of society as inconvenient and unreasonable impediments to their own behavioural expression. They make their own rules. Antisocial behaviour may consist of phoney stock promotions, questionable business practices, partner or child abuse, and so forth. Others do things that are not necessarily illegal but are nevertheless unethical, immoral, or harmful to others: cheating on a partner, emotional abuse, bullying, to name but a few.”

The men targeted to whom I introduced her included Eugene Volokh, who Morgan met at a conference I put on for the Republican Liberty Caucus in 1995, and then the man who told my children to call him, “Uncle John,” John Fund. Fund had, years before, been my boyfriend, a fact known to Morgan at the time.

Her attitude on this is, again, illustrated on the WeaselSearch Tape. She shows no guilt or remorse for the pain and suffering she caused her entire family.

Lack of Remorse or Guilt
Psychopaths show a stunning lack of concern for the effects their actions have on others, no matter how devastating these might be. They may appear completely forthright about the matter, calmly stating that they have no sense of guilt, are not sorry for the ensuing pain, and that there is no reason now to be concerned.”

The impropriety of engaging in a relationship with either my former boy friend or husband is striking and a clear indicator of a disordered personality.

A Need for Excitement
Psychopaths have an ongoing and excessive need for excitement—they long to live in the fast lane or "on the edge," where the action is. In many cases the action involves the breaking of rules.”

In 2001 Morgan, as is true of most psychopaths, craves excitement, even when it is ill-advised. Morgan, over my objections and against my advise, provided the Weasel Search Tape, which documents this conversation, to John Connolly, a well known writer and author, who wrote, Sex, Lies, and the Tape: The John Fund Story.

The article, which was slated to be published in Talk Magazine, was scratched because of intimidation by Fund's attorney. Legal Correspondence and Expense, Talk Magazine

When psychopaths collide the chaos seems to have no end.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Evil Twins again commit violent crimes against logic and the English language.

Morgan admitted under oath, and on multiple occasions, Craig came on to her and also discussed his sexual interest in both her and her sisters. Perhaps Morgan has another way of defining this, except incest? 

Morgan seems to have been mildly upset about this possibility, most likely because of Craig's personal hygiene. I am not persuaded she would not have been willing, herself. The other girls are emotionally normal, and were revolted and disgusted at the idea. Ayn expressed extreme shock and revulsion when Craig suggested this to her after our divorce.

Morgan admitted Craig came on to her in her 2001 Deposition, which was never certified but which was supplied to John Fund by Green Hills Software, Inc., through Craig as their agent. While I have the uncertified affidavit I have never made it available or published it, which now seems moot. Soon after this Green Hills began receiving government contracts.

This affidavit, signed by Morgan in 2009, gives ample evidence of Craig's focus on incest.

In this affidavit Morgan acknowledges having been adopted by Craig, along with all the other children. In her cas, however, no permission was sought from my father, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, who legally adopted Morgan when she was 12 along with my mother, who was deceased at the time of the adoption by Craig.

In Ayn's Declaration of 1999 Craig is caught in early attempts to alienate my children, a precondition to engaging in incest. Declaration.

While I am not an attorney it seems to me Craig could not legally or effectively adopted Morgan, who would still be his step-daughter. I brought up this point in relation to my adoption of Jonathan Scott Franklin. Craig refused then, or later, to seek permission from Elaine, his former wife and Scott's mother, for permission for me to adopt him. Notarized Document by Ron Foster (AKA Kellett) Craig's wills, naming children as his natural heirs.

Since Craig has an extensive legal background these were arguably facts known to him. Since that time he has used 'adoption,' and 'naming in his will,' on multiple occasions to manipulate his intended victims. Anne Fisher mentioned to me Craig had named her as his heir in a will.

The behavior above is manipulation intended to allow Craig to engage in incestuous sexual relations with my children and stands as proof his marriage to me was carried out for the purposes of achieving this goal. This is undoubtedly incestuous behavior because Craig adopted my five children and raised them, having persuaded their biological father, Craig Franklin, to give up his parental rights.

Ayn told me, and she was a reliable source, unlike Morgan, Craig exposed himself to her on multiple occasions when she was young. This is abuse, and incestuous behavior.

In addition, Craig's first act upon finding his son, Scott was charged with hiring a hit man to kill his wife, Kathy, was to attempt to get unsupervised visitation with his then 8 year old grand-daughter. Kathy and Scott also had a son, two years older. Kathy told me when Craig entered the room to see the two children Craig ignored the little boy and she considered his behavior toward the girl highly inappropriate and questionable. The court refused Craig any visitation and put the family in victim protection.

Morgan, being clearly disordered, thinks, like Karl Rove, endless repetition of lies will change people's minds, especially if you write in all caps, though to be fair Karl Rove does not write in all caps, he just steals elections with the assistance of such disordered individuals as John Fund.

Regarding Wendy and her children.

The kids have lived with their mother without break from the time of the divorce until today. Both children still live with her, including Alex, Jr., who is 18 and could have moved out if he wanted. Mother and children are close and spend a lot of time together.

Laura knows this perfectly well. Perhaps Laura should find a hobby. 

And read my newest article -

A Guide to Obama's Sales Pitch for Corporate Profits - or ReBilking America

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The GHC Surfaces

The mish-mash below is, doubtless, a response to my last post, PsychoBusting for Freedom, on the direction we are now taking on the issue of psychopathy. Please re-read this.

I went to the trouble of responding to this inane offering because it illustrates the fact the GHC cannot understand the difference between their assaults on the English language, entirely absent any of the evidence demanded, and believe their unsupported assertions to be sufficient. They have, however, generously provided more evidence of slander and libel, now in the hands of counsel.

    1).When did Craig franklin get taken in to jail for being a pedifile or childmolestor?  Where is the court evidence of Craigs supposed BS and slander you post about Craig Franklin everyday!
    MELINDA - This one will be responded to with a major article titled, “The Strategies of Sexual Deviants and Psychopaths,” it was already in production as part of the screen play. Our PR agency in New York will put it out. Craig provides an excellent example of deviant behavior allied with long term planning to achieve his goal, raping a little girl who trusts and loves him. Normal men do not read Incest Porn. Normal men also do not attempt to obtain unsupervised visitation with a grand-daughter, ignoring their grand-son, while the children's father is facing charges of having hired a hit man to kill the children's mother. Craig's son, Jonathan Scott Franklin is now serving time in prison in California for this offense. See Article.

    2).  Where is Melinda pillsbury fosters  HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA?
    MELINDA - Morgan and Laura have their panties in the wringer on this because neither of them ever graduated from high school. My diploma is in a file, where it will stay since a high school diploma proves nothing, in any case. I was, however, reminded that, as class agent for my year at St. Stephen's in Rome, I must busy myself to remind my fellow classmates to send in their Notes for the yearly newsletter by April.

    3). Where is the 60 hours of michael jackson DVD YOU AND RAYLAN EDITED ( This will be a real challenge!!)   Because the DVD is only 40 minutes!   WE WANT TO SEE THE DVD YOU EDITED AND THE RECEIPTS FOR WHAT YOU CLAIM YOU BOTH BAUGHT? 
    MELINDA - I edited no film, being focused on producing the sales material. Emails exist to document this. Raye has them, as she did the work. I have conveyed your demand to her, though she has provided these to you in the past.
    How long it takes to edit a film is not directly related to the length of the finished film, however. While most features are only 90 minutes, rest assured, editing takes far longer even when the film is professional quality, which this film was most assuredly not. The unedited film can be viewed here, where it has been in public view since Uploaded on Sep 18, 2009 , and therefore not protected by copyright.
    To have lied about the potential of legally selling rights to the film constitutes fraud against myself, Raye Allen, and any and all potential buyers and is being reported to the authorities. The film was stolen from Wendy Buford Montagu, who was, is, and remains, its sole owner.

    4). What is your tax ID number the Duke donated his computers he need to write them off. 
    MELINDA - The three 'donated' computers were worthless, costing Raye to transport and then to have repaired, which proved to be impossible. Thus they represented another fraud, which she overlooked knowing she could not squeeze blood out of the Rock of the Manchesters. Raye has the records and will respond on her own behalf. 

    WENDY - That’s right, I thought it was funny that Alex needs your tax id or whatever so he can report his donation for TAX PURPOSES!!!  He doesn’t file taxes!! Why would he??? He doesn’t work! He doesn’t claim what he gets from the trust, never did! That’s just crap.

    5).  How did MELINDA DRIVE ACROSS COUNTRY BLIND AS SHE TELLS THE WORLD!  how was it driving blind across the country??  With your disabled son and two cats how dangerous!!
    MELINDA – Very slowly, driving only during daylight hours when it was safe. I have never said I was unlicensed to drive. I have no cat. Arthur has one cat, Meow. The reader should Notice the level of empathy expressed here by this nasty little psychopath for two close relatives she knows perfectly well are disabled.
    Notice the empathy and concern shown for myself and my son by GHC for a drive which I probably should not have attempted. Pillsbury-Foster Medical Letters,

    6) MELINDA IF AS YOU CLAIM you went to OHIO to help raylan get better than why is raylan SICK AND SO IS HER DOGS! AND HER BUSINESS IS FAILING....
    MELINDA - Raye's business is not failing. Her dogs are her little surrogate children and she clucks a lot. Her health is much improved this last year, thank goodness.
    Raye assisted the Manchesters financially for quite some time and this is documented. No person with a conscience would have either written this or contributed to it.

    MELINDA – Melinda did not kick anyone out. They were gone when she arrived. Raye can explain her reasons more completely, and I'm sure she will be delighted to post the records, along with police reports, and other evidence, as it has certainly been compiled during her attempts to recover her stolen property.
    Raye asked me to tell you she is going to produce comprehensive documentation and renew her attempts for collection. Just so the Smiths know.

    MELINDA – And this is your business – why? My debts were caused by the GHC, with the intention of killing me, to which facts Morgan has testified under penalty of perjury.

  1. 9). Are you going to pay back the 80,000 and climbing to GEORGETTA BROWNS FAMILY?
    MELINDA – Yes, they are on my list. It is a thorough list, which I will not publish as it includes many people who have helped me who would not like to be attacked for assisting me. There is a second list as well. That list includes people who assisted the GHC. They will also receive some more focused attention soon.

    10). WHAT happened to poor dear Marcus SCRIVEN!  Was HE Not writing a book about you now? LOL

    MELINDA – Why would Marcus write a book about me? I never said he intended to or considered this a possibility. He has discussed such a book with Wendy, however.

    11). Melinda still popping vicodin and drinking wine!!!   AND WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU BUYING POT FOR AURTHUR AND YOU GOT BUSTED!  OR DID YOU BLAME IT ON AURTHUR!   STILL BUYING AURTHUR MY BROTHER POT SO HES STONED ALL THE TIME!   SO YOU CAN STEAL HIS MONEY AND GO TO PALITES CLASSES!  DOES MY VROTHER HAVE ANY FRIENDS BESIDES YOU......and MELINDA your incest!!    the word has got around now with many people melinda pillsbury foster sleeping with her sons!
    MELINDA – Slander and libel, such as that appearing above, will placed in the hands of a competent attorney soon. I had a prescription for Vicodin in 1998, which I did not use because it made taking care of Arthur impossible.
    Arthur can, and will speak for himself. He participates in our church choir, classes, and today pursues a vibrant relationship with God and our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    12).ARE YOU STILL BLIND??   or just blind ans stupid?  how do you write all these stalking blogs and your so BLIND?    does the stste know you do all these BLOGS! BLIND LADY??   the state need to know in OHIO and CALIFORNIA...
    MELINDA - Yet another example of slander and libel. They are annoyed I have managed to fight back, aren't they. Smile.

    13). Do you still talk to ROBERT t fanning the RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR he had melinda state escorted out of the state of MONTANA!!   All for publication!!!!
    MELINDA – It was kind of me to point out the individual under discussion was not the governor of Montana but a candidate for the office. On my way to Ohio, to assist Raye, who was in bad health and being taken advantage of by the individuals you have now publicly named, I stopped for a few days in Montana at the request of Robert Fanning.
    I had provided, entirely gratis, campaign materials for Bob, who had appeared on my radio show Reclaim America, on November 1, 2012. Correspondence and work provides gratis. Having finished the article I had also agreed to write for my paper, the Lone Star Iconoclast, I left. Here is the article.
    We did discuss the possibility of my working for him as a campaign manager. If your slanders and libels resulted in this not happening you have provided proof of tortuous interference with my work and are thus open to charges both criminal and civil. I have not discussed this with Fanning as I have been busy with your ugly behavior in other areas.

    14). The duke has thousands of hours of tape on MELINDA PILLSBURY FOSTER so do many other people!  COMING SOON TO A blog all about the melinda!  you knew you were being recorded so its legal!!   POSTING your tapes are illegal PEOPLE HAVE TO AGREE TO BE TAPED!! 
    MELINDA – A complete fantasy. He has no tapes, no permission was ever given or asked.
    Messages left on answering machines are not protected, as the individual leaving the message knows perfectly well they are being tapes. Duhhh. Here are the audios and transcripts.
    Since our conversations were entirely composed of listening to Alex talk about himself as I took notes and struggled to keep him on the point, one shudders to imagine having to listen to them yet again. Curious how the GHC bounce back and for the between, “we only talked to her a few times and thousands of hours of tape,” however. Reality is tough for psychopaths.

    15).  PLEASED DO TELL WHY YOU POSTED THE DUKES CHILDRENS BIRTH CERTIFICATES?? ON THE INTERNET........child protective services is writeing a letter for your court apperance!!!   you have many coming up this year melinda pillsbury!!
    MELINDA – And why did you have them up? If there was sensitive information, which there is not, you would be guilty of whatever form of abuse you have so vociferously accused myself and Wendy of having committed. Additionally, Alex is not the custodial parent and neither of the children are willing to have contact with him – or Laura.
    See - Judgement for Reserved Issues - Montagu v Montagu, Case No. 06D010327, Honorable Judge Mark S. Millard, Presiding - Reporter's Transcript of Judge's Ruling   Transcript documents physical custody residing with mother and the evasive actions taken by Montagu to evade revealing his financial status during divorce.  


MELINDA – You are repeating yourselves, yet again. Raye returned the originals to Alex, at his request and at her own expense. The materials she, herself, produced are work product for which she was not paid. Additionally, the work was carried out under the belief she would receive an agreed percentage upon sale and this could not legally take place for the following reasons. This was also a fraud for which the Rock of Manchester will most likely not be charged as he is entirely without funds and squeezing harder would only cost Raye yet more money.

As stated previously, the materials are not under copyright, having been previously published on You Tube.

The films are the sole property of Wendy Buford Montagu, who received them as her only gift on the occasion of her 10th Anniversary. Gifts are sole property of the recipient. That Alex admits to having stolen them simply proves the crime which he committed. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PsychoBusting for Freedom

PsychoBusters began as the attempt by two helpless women to defend themselves against a group of psychopaths, cooperating to destroy them. But today it daily becomes more obvious the problems we face are being caused by highly psychopathic individuals who have worked to centralize control of government, our institutions, and the economy.

What happened to two women is happening across America and around the world.

It is time to change, but first PsychoBusters demands the GHC put up or shut up. Their ad nauseum continuation of bogus charges, long refuted with facts, slanders, and sheer ugliness, has done much to illustrate to normal people the methods of the highly psychopathic as well as their utter lack of discernment. The attack dogs of GHC were far lower end than they could have afforded, but this is what you would expect with disordered individuals used to getting their way with violence and deceit. We've asked before, now we demand it.

To the Green Hills Conspirators (GHC) - Put up or shut up.

For legal purposes the acts of any member of a conspiracy are the joint responsibility of all members of such a conspiracy. Liability to these individuals is both for criminal charges and financial damage done to their victims.

Wendy Montagu and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster were the primary, though not the only, victims of these acts.

The individuals most involved in the conspiracy, here identified as Green Hills Conspirators (GHC), are Morgan Barteaux (Pillsbury) Gell, Jay E. Gell, John Fund, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Dan O'Dowd, Craig Franklin, Laura Smith Montagu, and Alexander Montagu Manchester.

As the innocent parties, Wendy Montagu and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster therefore demand the following be produced Green Hills Conspirators (GHC) forthwith:

Any and all of the innumerable police reports GHC have claimed to have filed against, Wendy Buford Montagu and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, their victims. These can be published online, with our permission. If such appear, they will be refuted using the rules of evidence, as false claims. Neither of us have received any such reports or calls from any authorities what so ever.

Information on all of the multiple individuals contacted by and and all of the GHC and their paid agents, including former or potential employers. We will make sure all these receive the evidence now published online regarding the GHC.

Any and all proof of the slanders and libels published on the Internet, by email, or on voice mail and so recorded by Montagu and Pillsbury-Foster, which slanders and libels, now copied and provided to legal counsel, have been documented for anticipated legal action. Any documentation must include provenance, in each instance.

Any objective proof, of any kind, any one, or any specific member of the aforementioned conspirators were stalked or suffered loss, rather than having mercilessly stalked, harassed, threatened with bodily injury, stolen from, and otherwise abused and traumatized, the aforementioned victims, Montagu and Pillsbury-Foster.

Montagu and Pillsbury-Foster never, at any time or in any instance, stalked or harmed the aforementioned individuals. They have only acted within the law and within their Constitutionally guaranteed natural rights for free speech and self defense, responding to slander and libel with evidence to refute.

The truth, proven by documented fact, is the ultimate and only necessary defense against a claim of libel or slander.

Using transparency and the truth, Montagu and Pillsbury-Foster have protected themselves from the copious and outrageous attacks of the individuals who constitute the Green Hills Conspirators (GHC).

Forced to these measures, Montagu and Pillsbury-Foster have spent time and resources refuting the entirely libelous and untrue charges made by the GHC. Both before these efforts began, and since, they have suffered additional losses caused by the GHC Conspiracy, to be enumerated elsewhere.

The efforts of Wendy Montagu and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, noticed by the media, have forestalled the continued attempts to cause harm to themselves and their emotionally normal family members.

These same efforts have given the public an outline for changing the system to ensure such predatory behavior on the part of highly disordered individuals are no longer tolerated.

The story of the Green Hills Conspirators, easily understood and emotionally compelling, illustrates ugly, devious and emotionally violent strategies and behaviors of highly psychopathic individuals along with their emotionally linked assistants, several of whom in the case of GHC, appear to be situational psychopaths.

A movement can now be launched which will serve to provide evidence of the need to reframe our institutions, taking into account the predatory nature of psychopaths.

Our courts, government, our financial institutions, and corporations have, provably, been largely impacted by the predatory culture of the highly psychopathic.

Today we face a world which, minute by minute, grows less free for us, the emotionally normal, who love and stand by each other, feeling intensely the bonds of family, love and community which unite us. Unless these actions are taken any and all other efforts to reclaim our freedom will fail.

Therefore, we, The PsychoBusters propose the following:

A demand for a Hare Index for any individual involved in court as a judge (at any and all levels), attorney, witness, litigant must be honored before any action can go forward.

No psychopath should be allowed to give evidence since they must be assumed to be lying.

Automatic testing for any individual seeking public office or employed in government or the management of a corporation, LLC, or other entity which deals with the public.


What do we do with the highly psychopathic?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Addition to the English Dictionary

Announcing:  An addition to the English Dictionary 

The lexicon of words in the English language, and probably other languages, has today gained a new term. It is very useful and considered to refer specifically to actions associated with psychopathic individuals.

Definition of MANCHESTER
intransitive verb
1: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive
2: to create a false or misleading impression

Example: Boy, he really manchestered that guy, didn't he?

Definition of MANCHESTER


1a : an assertion of something known or believed by the speaker to be untrue with intent to deceive
b : an untrue or inaccurate statement that may or may not be believed true by the speaker
2: something that misleads or deceives
3: a charge of lying

Example: That is the ugliest manchester I have ever seen.

If you have been manchestered, you know it.

Our growing understanding of psychopathic behavior demands new language to cope with behaviors which before were to bizarre and inexplicable to be comprehended by the emotionally empathic.

These three posts, two on Motgan's site and one on Manchesters, Morgan MorganManchester, which clearly illustrate the ongoing conspiracy to defame myself and Wendy Montagu by the group which arguably includes the following individuals, Morgan Barteaux (AKA Pillsbury) Gell, John Fund, Laura, Doxie of Manchester, Alex, Duke of Manchester, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Dan O'Dowd, and Craig Franklin, should be studied in detail. Charges are never backed up by documentation. Attempts to assert these charges as already accepted fact, thinly frosted with vitriol, also reoccur at each repetition.

We have changed the name of this Cabal and will now refer to it as the Green Hills Conspiracy, that being the central nexus for organizing.

Note to the Green Hills Conspiracy – Thanks for the admission, which apparently slipped in without your noticing. 

We are keeping it short today as we need to get back to the screen play.  

Signed, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Wendy Montagu, and associates.

Monday, February 4, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT - Morgan is shocked, shocked.


Melinda - Morgan, again firmly in the pay of Craig Franklin et al, continues to spew venom and lies. Morgan does nothing without compensation, everyone knows this. So why is she defending the Manchesters? Certainly not as a source of largess, the Duke and Doxie contribute only their wit, but the pack of them have formed a mutual cooperative, a happy little conspiracy, cojoined by their perennial lack of funds.

Remuneration to Morgan for her legion efforts doubtless includes money originating from Green Hills Software, Inc., however and may include services to Craig Franklin for acts unspeakable, as has been the case in the past.

This time Morgan questions Wendy's affidavit, given under penalty of perjury. Since perjury is a meaningless term to Morgan this is not surprising.

Wendy is not even a little psychopathic and so tells the truth, even when it is painful. Most of Morgan's text is just slander but a few comments and an announcement are forthcoming.


Melinda – Anyone following this series of responses knows Morgan never provides documentation any more than do the Manchesters or Craig and his dear, dear friend, Dan O'Dowd. See Just the Evidence



Melinda – Wendy did what Alex asked her to do, ensure he could stay in the country. He was not then, or today, a legal resident and faced deportation over a complaint from Rene, whose last name Wendy no longer remembers, natural enough after over twenty years. Normal people understand this sort of detail would escape them. Wendy believed what Alex told her. Later, she learned better. However, he had to have a reason for insisting the wedding take place immediately.

Students are not required to be citizens and come and go in pursuit of their educational plans. Don't be too stupid, please. 
Benefits accrued by Alex upon marrying Wendy included medical insurance, a place to live, a co-signer for cars, a steady income, and the promise of stipend for children from the Manchester Trust, which could have been another primary motive, along with avoiding deportation. However, since he lied routinely hard facts are slim to non-existent.
Women do remember details about their weddings, however. 
Wendy did not know he was married because he lied on their marriage license. This is reflected on the Marriage Certificate. No checks in these boxes. It seems Alex also lied about his employment, as he was not employed at the time. Wendy knew this because he never left the house to work. It was her apartment, not his. 
And the car was also her's, paid off before the baby was born to ensure she would have fewer bills to pay. 
Alex is free to produce documents in refutation. He won't because he can't. 
Morgan continues, boringly, on.

Announcing: PsychoBusters – The Movie

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Attempted Comments from Morgan & Jay

The clutch of highly psychopathic in King's Mountain decided it was, again, time to share their illiterate blatherings. She and or Jay attempted to post this. Can you imagine a normal person telling their mother to kill herself? Of course not, no normal person would do so.

1. "Gell, Gell and Gell has left a new comment on your post "A Poetical Interlude in the continuing Campaign Ag...":



2.  "Gell, Gell and Gell has left a new comment on your post "Exhibit 5 - Substitute Stock Agreement - Green Hil...":


3.  "Gell, Gell and Gell has left a new comment on your post "The Evil Twins, at it Again":

Do you think psychopathy is not inherited? Think again.
so you admit it! if Morgan is a psychopath she got it from you, just because you are a psychopath bitch from hell does not mean that Morgan inherited it. just had a long talk with the DA here, warrents will issue for you. we will see you behind bars very soon. that is a promise." 

4.  "Gell, Gell and Gell has left a new comment on your post "About Us":

your a liar and this is evidence of slander. Your claims can be absolutely refuted and you own words will suffocate your psychpathy along with your pethetic existance."

It should be noted Morgan's life is entirely absent any productive activities and this has been the case since she was a small child. She admitted to screwing Eddy van Halen while lying about attending college and being supported in the belief she was actually doing something productive.

During that time she claimed to be suffering from injuries sustained in an auto accident which made it impossible for her to work while regularly riding horseback, facts she carefully concealed from us. Far from assisting her family in any way she was a leech who viewed us only as a source of income.

Her entire life has been about lying to get what she wants while looking for opportunities to get more – without working.

She is also without talent in any discernible degree and was always pathologically jealous of any honor for accomplishment showed to my real children. Look at this photo of her on the occasion of my daughter Ayn's graduation from college.

Ayn had been admitted to three major colleges upon graduation from high school, these included Mt. Holyoke and Syracuse, but, chose to go to Hillsdale. During college, she interned with the local congressman for Hillsdale in Washington D. C., who had nothing but praise for her abilities.

Ayn worked summers, always finding her own job and using her money judiciously. She emerged from college a fluent German speaker and has pursued a career in public relations.

Naturally, Morgan resented her because Ayn was far more talented as an actress, literate, and diligent in her studies

Left - Right Dawn, Ayn, Arthur, and Morgan.  Morgan is, naturally, scowling, as she always did when it was not all about her.  She also dressed like a biker slut for the occasion, having no sense of what is appropriate.  

Morgan and her also highly psychopathic hubby, Jay (My only claim to fame is my dead Dad who I use shamelessly) Gell, was very active tonight, also posting the second comment, forgetting Jay's lie about having handled the IRS issue, which I discovered was a lie by calling the IRS to discover he had never contacted them.  No,  their only motive in obtaining my records was to use their for their own ends.  

They also extracted every cent possible from me during the time I was talking to them.  

However, the record on which she tried to comment was the Settlement Agreement which was reviewed by a forensic expert from the FBI, who I was reliably told, said the Agreement was unenforceable, making the whole a fraud.  

Jay is presently, I was informed, on disability and attempting to extract money from his previous employer.  Morgan told me even when Jay was employed they were on food stamps for the children.  Perhaps that has changed, now that she is headily employed at Walmart?  Inquiring minds want to know.  

But, of course, Morgan really married Jay for his looks, you know.  It was a marriage designed in heaven for their perfect fulfillment.  

The IRS is perfectly free to contact me at any time.  In fact, I would be delighted.  

 Jay E. (My only claim to fame is my dead Dad who I use shamelessly) Gell

 Note:  Jay's father was Jack E. Gell, who died at age 24 before having to deal with a son who, surely, would have shocked and disappointed him.  

From the cites site: "Sgt. Jack Gell was a loving husband, devoted father, and career soldier. His wife Rebecca, his daughters Bonnie and Carol, and his son, Jay, were forced to continue life without him. He gave his life for his country on Nov 14, 1965 in the Ia Drang Battle of Vietnam. According to his Captain and his dear friend, Tony Nadal, his dying words..
"Tell my wife I love her..." These words will honor and haunt at the same time. But Sgt. Gell was willing to make that sacrafice.

His body was the first to arrive to Ft Benning, on Thanksgiving Day, his wife notified by a telegram, left alone with three small kids. "Jay" was buried the day before his 25th birthday. His oldest daughter Bonnie turned 6 during all this, the pain was unbearable to his wife and family." 

According to Morgan and Jay there is another half sibling who was born about ten months after Jack died, the offspring of a quick encounter between Jay's mother and a truck driver, no one seemed to be able to put a name to the gentleman.  Of course, this story was provided by Jay and Morgan, so we must consider the source.  

Jay, as you can see in Comment listed here as 3,  finally stirred from his man-cave, we can only shudder to imagine what it looks like, with yet more threats of ominous acts in the offing.  Go ahead.  We eagerly await....last year Jay continually promised we would be served and any such offerings will be received with delight as  opportunities to demand a Hare Index for both he and Morgan.  They, after all, have two minor children.  No child should be raised by a psychopathically disordered individual.  

Children must be protected.   

4.  Barteaux- The Family Story   Jay Gell has always used threats and intimidation to shut up people who threatened him.  Now, the information on the Barteaux site is fully documented.  These include the death certificate for Morgan's biological father, who the family acknowledged by entirely striking him from all control of all assets, was monumentally incompetent and died of Cirrohosis of the Liver when he was 43.  

The family found it appropriate to have the body cremated and sprinkled over the local brewery.  Not many would do this, especially while also dispensing with any memorial what so ever.  But, as you review the site, you will see they had their reasons.  

My family had no psychopathic individuals until Morgan made her appearance.  

I have thought about what I would have done if I had known what she was.  What she cost my family, first to last is impossible to calculate.  
I strongly urge the local DA to engage in thorough research, please do.  My minister and counsel will both be happy to discuss this with him.