Friday, March 14, 2014

The Illiterate and Psychopathic Morgan emerges yet again.

Ah, yes, again Morgan  Barteaux Gell asserts her psychopathic strategy and lies, lies, lies.  

You can read the real story at Get Sassooned, the site I maintained, and paid for, as an uncompensated act of friendship toward Sassoon Saleem Sassoon, for four years.  

I own the URL, which I paid for every year and still pay for today.  

Jay, Morgan's husband, you will note controls the corporation Sassoon paid to start and, to date, Jay had done nothing to get any justice for poor old Sassoon.  Sometimes people do get what they deserve and I have to say Morgan and Jay deserve each other.  

Every day I thank God I finally understood what Morgan is.  The bald facts explained a life time of anguish.