Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16, 2012 - Morgan and my parents

Morgan early learned to manipulate my mother while she was caring for Morgan. I was in college, having left my psychopathic husband, Richard Lee Barteaux, while I was still pregnant with her. I testified at the divorce hearing and have consistently, and without deviation stated my reasons for doing so.

Richard was extremely abusive and tried to kill me. He also threatened to have sex with our child, if it was a little girl. For all these reasons I left him and did everything in my power to ensure he would have no contact. I now understand he was a psychopath. His history, when I learned it, was one of alcohol, abusive relationships, and greed. Barteaux – The Family Story.

Mother became obsessively attached to my daughter while I was in college. The entire family was bewildered. This was discussed between my other siblings at the time with alarm and concern because the child, then Carolyn, was receiving an astonishing number of expensive presents throughout the year. My parents had been wonderful to all of us but abstemious with spending, insisting we do chores for an allowance.

I had saved for nearly a year for a model horse I wanted when I was seven, doing chores and selling lemonade and selling candy bars purchased three for a dime at Sav-On Drug Store and reselling them for a nickel each to kids on the block.

Anne was appalled, as was Carol, who blamed mother, causing a certain friction between them. Cappy, my older brother, was not around much at the time but also commented. Steve, my younger brother, just stayed away as much as possible.

I did not realize it at the time, but Carolyn had started early with the psychopathic strategy of dividing the family for her own benefit. I am now preparing a time line to show these events as they took place as part of the background for my book.

Then, I could not believe anyone but the adults involved could be responsible. Now, I understand. Since it seemed clear to me 'little Carolyn' wanted to live with Mother, and Mother said she desperately wanted her, I allowed her to stay with them when they moved to Springville. It seemed a safe place. If I had known I would not have allowed it. But at the time the very idea of child psychopaths was unheard of. When Carolyn turned 12 I allowed my parents to legally adopt her – with conditions. One of these was I would remain her guardian if anything happened to them. Letter from my father.

Carolyn extracted enormous amounts of money from my parents. This included two horses of the large, living variety and over 1,000 Breyer horses. Even Anne, who always overindulged her kids, was shocked. We knew this must be causing an undue financial burden on them.

Except as sources of largess, Carolyn cared nothing for my parents. I saw this, and still could not believe it, as they aged and died. She did not shed a tear. I kept trying to understand her, always giving her the benefit of the doubt. But now I do understand.

The idea of what my parents went though is an anguish to me. I am determined to warn other families so they know the signs and can protect themselves.

I can feel nothing for the two small boys but sadness. I know what they face – but there is nothing I can do to change it.

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