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Morgan again finishes an exhausting bout on the computer

Morgan's most recent attempt at literacy. 

Evidently Morgan, my estranged biological daughter, legally my estranged sister, has again managed to tap out some of the same groundless accusations. The timing with recent posts by Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester and Craig Franklin, formerly Senior Vice President of Green Hills Software, a war contractor producing drone technology.

Morgan's real father was Richard Lee Barteaux. His story his HERE. Documents include his death certificate, citing chronic alcoholism as the cause, his dishonorable discharge from the military and more. Like father, like daughter.
Her Post comments are in RED

Referenced Posts:
Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester
Note: The Duke is in something of a frenzy because of the court date for pre-trial coming up in Las Vegas on the 25th, two days from now. 

Also, cast your eyes on this article, appearing in The Lady, a British Women's Magazine, titled, "Is this the world's naughtiest aristocrat?" by Marcus Scriven

Craig Franklin, formerly Senior Vice President of Green Hills Software, Inc.
Note: Craig is starting a Tea Party to change the world. That site is Craig Franklin's Tea Party – The Movie.
Don't bother trying the menu links, they do not work. But I'm writing a bio for him, just to help out.

From Morgan's most recent post:

Morgan, with whom I had no communication from March 2005 until I unwisely answered an email from her in the spring of 2009. At the time I hoped she had grown up. I was then unaware she is a psychopath.
Morgan has not seen my eldest son, Arthur, since January 2001. He will not talk to her because, along with every other one of my children, he is completely alienated from her for good and sufficient reasons.
MORGAN - Then of course she tells everyone a sob story about her SON and the caregiver she is.  BUT Melinda Pillsbury foster lost that in 2007 Santa Barbra (sic) California all public information
I am Arthur's caretaker. I did not renew the legal conservatorship because it was unnecessary. Any idiot knows you do not need to go to court to be a caretaker. You just do it. I cook Arthur's meals, care for him, provide what rehabilitation I can afford on a severely limited budget, and find outlets for him socially, for instance participating in the local choir. I drive him to practices. It is all very ordinary and prosaic.
Naturally, Morgan has no knowledge of any of this.
Arthur, who was completely disabled due to a brain injury on September 27, 1997, received no Disability SSI what so ever, I being his sole source of care and support, until July 2009. That is nearly 12 years. 

Today he receives a small stipend which pays some of his expenses. Only a malicious idiot would assert I had conspired for eleven years to 'get my hands on his SSI payments.'
But Morgan was never long on logic, only massively avaricious and malevolent. 
The 'dragging him all over the country,' comment is bizarre. 

Morgan has dragged her kids from trailer park to trailer park in the interim. Arthur has been much better housed, clothed and cared for. Morgan's kids receive food stamps, according to Morgan, this being a large part of their household budget for food. Did she have the kids so she could continue to eat? This is a question which demands an answer. Morgan and motherhood do not fit well together, given her history. I understand Morgan is now working part time at the local Walmart, at Jay's insistence. He stays home, again according to Morgan, receiving SSI disability because he, Morgan told me, he is blind. Do his former employers know what he is doing?

From Morgan's Post:
MORGAN - What Campain (sic)may we ask? (Morgan can neither copy edit or spell.) 
Melinda's Campaigns
While I was serving as the first Los Angeles County Chairman of the Libertarian Party of California in 1979 – 1982, those dates are approximate. We achieved ballot status in '79, I managed campaigns and, myself, ran for the 20th State Senate District for California against Alan Robbins. It was not an active campaign but, none-the-less, I had speaking engagements, literature, and then organized and Mced the County Election Night Party, which was large at that point, attended by a couple of hundred people. Later I managed Republican campaigns and wrote speeches and other literature. 
This was all before the Internet.

Earlier this year I was drafted to run for President as a Democrat. That story is on this website. It was not a 'serious' campaign, but intended to inject ideas into the great wasteland of American politics. It cost nearly nothing. No fundraising was done.

- We have no idea why and now Melinda Pillsbury foster is running for Democratic President, But we have no idea if she went to high school no High School diploma has ever been seen. Melinda has no record of any school we cant go by Melindas (sic) word on this because Melinda Pillsburys word is trash, low class, not possiable (sic) for her to tell the truth..... (Morgan probably picked up the ….from Laura. She did not formerly use this silly attempt at drama.) And why should Morgan know anything about me? I disinherited her, do not acknowledge her as a relation, and refuse to communicate with her.

As you all can see The Melindas radio shows are not on the air?

My show was on RMN Radio. RMN is not on the air at this time because we left the MicroEffect to incorporate a new station out of the UK. The new station, a partnership, is now building its website, organizing advertising, and in the process of incorporation. It will have an entirely new format and be commercial. Look for the roll out campaign before the end of the year.

1. Where did Melinda Pillsbury Foster finish High school?
My HS diploma was issued by Venice High School. I graduated with my class, having not dropped out of school when I was 13, as did Morgan. I then went on to take classes at Santa Monica College. I actually did study, both in college and independently. Morgan missed the 'study' part of the equation.

MORGAN - 2). What work has she done and how has The Melinda helped the world? Who has she worked with.
Morgan probably thinks I'm dumb enough to tell you so she can place more malicious calls to my working associates. Jay called my editor and then cussed him out when he did not accept Jay's slanders about me. Jay and Morgan have also made other ugly calls. Instead of asking she should spend her time doing something productive. Not that this is likely to happen.  

The list below does not include any of my present projects because of the proven malicious intentions of Morgan and Jay Gell, Craig Franklin, Green Hills Software, and the Duke and Doxie of Manchester.  

Ask Morgan sometime what she, or Jay, has done to 'help the world,' just for laughs. 

Santa Monica College - 1968 - 1971 
Representative to Council of Presidents, Judo and Karate Club, Santa Monica College - 1969
Member, St. Bede's Church, West Los Angeles - 1969
Newsletter Editor, Libertarian Party, West Los Angeles - 1974
Chairman, MacBride Campaign, West Los Angeles - 1975
Chairman, Libertarian Party, West Los Angeles - 1976
Chairman, Libertarian Party, San Fernando Valley – 1978
Answered the Right to Life Line for Los Angeles – 1980
Los Angeles County Chairman, Libertarian Party of California - 1979
Southern Vice Chairman, Libertarian Party of California, six terms – 1979 – 1984
President, Northridge – Reseda Coordinating Council - 1979
Board member, Girl Scouts, Reseda Area – several years
Board member, Cub Scouts, Reseda Area - several years
Room Mother for various years Northridge Lutheran School – all years the children attended, 1978 - 1984
State Rep to Libertarian National Committee – 1987 - 1988
Officer, Eastern Star – 1989
Newsletter Editor, Eastern Star – 1990
Authored - Seventh Voice – 1991
Founder, Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation - 1992
Director, at the request of Roger MacBride, Producer of Little House on the Prarie and Libertarian Candidate for President, 1976, Convention for the Republican Liberty Caucus, held in Santa Barbara - 1995
Officer, Amaranth – 1992 - 1997
Royal Matron – Amaranth. - 1996 – 1998 2 terms
Regent, National Federation of Republican Women - 1997
County Vice President, CFRW, for Santa Barbara – 2002
President, Business and Professional Women, Santa Barbara – 2003
Organized Campaign to Draft Norman Schwarzkopf for President (this effort was transferred to the newly organized Veteran's Party, who met with Norman.) – early 2004
Author – Greed: The NeoConning of America – 2004
Began blogging on the issue of NeoConservative take over of America [How the NeoCons Stole Freedom] – 2005
Invited to do my first radio show on BBSradio.com – The Spiritual Politician – 2006
Writing for the Lone Star Iconoclast – 2006 - present
Organized Copper Cards - 2007
Radio Show on Ron Paul Revolution Radio – 2007 – 2008
Radio Show on the MicroEffect – 2009
Radio Show on RMNRadio – 2011

Began work in the following areas of investigative journalism beginning in 2005:
Marriage Law Reform
Constitutional restoration
Court Reform
Traumatic Brain Injury
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Psychopathy - Sociopathy

MORGAN - 3). Has Melinda Pillsbury foster (sic) paid her taxes. And paid back 70,000 to Georgetta Brown and all the people she owes money too  This includes Van Hughes and many others.Melinda was rendered destitute through her attempts to save Morgan from the ugly manipulations of John Fund and continue to care for her son, Arthur. When you are destitute you don't pay taxes, though this is a doubtful benefit. I sincerely regret attempting to save Morgan. I should have 'let John Fund kill her and eliminate the problem,' as advised by my far more practical third daughter, Ayn.

My business affairs are my responsibility. I pay what I owe when I can and never forget what is owned and to whom. This is true of financial debts and also of debts owed to me. 

Robert Evan (Van) Hughes owes me. He was a con-man and scum bag introduced to me by his longtime associate, Jay E. Gell. He bled me for over $10,000. Hughes' history makes it likely he was a corporate raider.  

MORGAN - 4).We need paper facts when you run for presidency!  We have not seen any business contracts from Ms. Pillsbury foster (sic) from anyone to do business. 
Running for office is not a business.  If you don't do fundraising no one at the Federal Elections Commission wants to hear from you. Notice that I did no fundraising.

MORGAN - 5). How can Melinda Pillsbury foster (sic) keep thousands of websites up and running who is paying for her blogs and slander on other people?   That can be very expensive......
Actually, the cost comes to less than $20.00 a month. And not thousands, only dozens, most of which you probably don't even know are mine since they are about far more relevant and interesting subjects than yourselves. 
This is not slander. Slanders are untrue. I document what I say.  The truth is a statement is its own defense.  This is, of course, not the issue, which is very clear to Morgan, Jay, Alex Montagu-Manchester, Laura Montagu-Manchester, Craig Franklin or Green Hills Software, Inc. But perhaps clarity will come to them at some point. Don't bet that way or hold your breath, however. 

MORGAN - 6) The real question is why does Melinda Pillsbury foster (sic) run from State to State California, South and North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Montana and many other states.
If you have any idea what she is talking about, please contact me and explain. This sounds like Laura, actually.The similarity in their bogus claims was one of the first indicators I had they were communicating.  

MORGAN - Melinda Pillsbury foster runs from people sueing (sic) her in California when she skips a State that makes it FEDERAL so the people who want to file charges on her it makes it a Federal case and the Police then have to take it to the FBI in the state Melinda Pillsbury foster is in......
I keep asking who these people are who want to file charges against me. I lived in California from 2005 until December 2011. I'm temporarily in Ohio and expect to relocate within six months, this necessitated by my work.  

It is clear Morgan's abilities as a researcher as very limited. Keep that job at Walmart, Morgan, Jay is enjoying his life of leisure.  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dawn Pillsbury's Declaration

Dawn Pillsbury’s Declaration

I, Dawn Pillsbury do hereby declare and affirm that the following is my true declaration of the events pertaining to the divorce of Allen Craig Franklin and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, to the best of my recollection as of March 16, 1998.
My first clear memory of Craig is sitting in the station wagon in the parking lot of the Vons shopping center near the house in Reseda. He and my mother were explaining to us that their relationship and thus his relationship to us was going to be different from now on. This must have been before 1985.
I remember when Craig bought Mom and the station wagon from Ron for $3,000. We were all going to go out to dinner together. When we joined Ron and Craig they were shaking hands and laughing, telling us that Mom was now Craig’s. Ron said the deal was mostly for the car, but he was throwing Mom in as part of the deal.
I never liked Craig. He always seemed slow-witted to me, and when I was in my early adolescence, I took a perverse pleasure in insulting him. Once I insulted him so badly, this was when we were driving home, that he tried to get out of the car to walk home. This was when we were living on the house on Burnet. My insulting him led to the first incident when he struck me. This took place in the hall next to the front door of the house on Burnet. I had insulted him then he seized me by the shoulders and thrust me against the wall. I kneed him in the groin, then he threw me on the ground, his face only inches from mine, and hissed at me never to knee him in the groin again.
It was not long after this that I witnessed him batter my mother into unconsciousness. Craig had called the children, Ayn, Ed, Justin, Morgan, Scott and myself into the back room to discuss the family relationship. He was trying to persuade us as to something about Melinda when she walked in and sat down on the futon next to the door. He told her to leave and she insisted on remaining. He became angry and began to strike her. Scott ran to call the police, Ayn started to hit him on the shoulders with the pole of a barbell that Morgan kept in the room for exercise and I grabbed a bottle off the bar, intending to smash him over the head then stab him. Unfortunately, it was a plastic bottle, and in any case, Ayn was in the way. Craig hardly seemed to notice her, so intent he was on hitting Melinda. When the police arrived, Melinda was in bed in her room. They handcuffed Craig and put him in the patrol car. I was in the room with Melinda when the officers came in to ask if she wanted to press charges. When she said she didn’t, the officers and I argued with her, but she said we couldn’t afford the bail and that he needed to work. The officers let him go.
I was aware of Melinda and Craig’s sexual relationship from the start. I remember Ayn and I daring each other to look through an unfinished part of the bedroom wall into the master bedroom on the house on Chimineas to see them having sex. Later on Burnet, we had two running jokes about their sex life. One was that we should call National Geographic, as the humpbacked whales were mating, and the other was that if I was angry at Craig, my best revenge was to give Mom No-Doz, as we were all aware of his tendency to have sex with her while she was asleep.
Polygamous relationships have always seemed natural to me, as Mom had Ron and Craig as husbands. I was fifteen years old before I found out that people generally only married one person at a time. Mom and Ron had always told us that marriage and divorce papers didn’t mean anything since they came from the state.
My relationship with Craig grew less adversarial over the years. Mom stopped telling me when he beat her and he never beat her in front of me again. I had one more assault incident with Craig. It occurred when we arrived back at LAX from our trip to the Midwest in 1990. We split up: Morgan, Ayn and I went to baggage claim to get our bags and Mom and Craig went with the boys to get the car. Those who were going to the car would take the carry-on bags so those of us going to baggage claim could get all our luggage in one trip. As we were splitting up, Craig tried to hand me Justin’s carry-on. I refused to take it and walked away across the concourse to the door to baggage claim. As I walked, I heard someone say, “Look out.” I turned around to see Craig with his head lowered, charging directly at me. I dropped the bag I was carrying and put one hand out to stop him from hitting me. My outstretched hand had just barely touched him when he fell over backwards and landed sprawled on the floor. I picked up my bag, turned around and walked to baggage claim. He never mentioned it and never tried to hit me again until the incident of January 25, 1998 when he pushed past me to get into the house.
After I started college and, as far as I knew, he had not hit Mom for a long time, our relationship warmed up. He started referring to me as the child most like him and I stopped insulting him so much. Of course, I never saw him much. He would come home from work and go upstairs to lay down and watch television, coming downstairs only to eat or play his guitar at us. I helped him carry that huge television upstairs when they bought it. His expenditures worried me, as I often went grocery shopping with Melinda and saw her worry over what brand of rice was more expensive. I saw her trapped between his conceptions of what their life should be like, based on his income, and the lifestyle we could afford, based on what he actually gave to Mom. He spoke constantly about how much Mom spent and how he had to work himself to the bone to keep up with her. I never knew what to think of this, as I had seen how careful she was with money, but she never disagreed with him. At least not in front of me.
Once I remember being out with her at the Paseo Nuevo shopping center, at a department store getting some clothes for her, in the summer of 1994. She offered to buy me some clothes, but I said I didn’t want to be a greater expense than I had to be. She replied that she had to spend the money before Craig did. I asked her what he spent it on. I remember the look of desperation on her face as she said, “I don’t know.” This was the first indication I had that we were in financial trouble.
When the tax situation came to a head, Mom would tell me about her progress in straightening the mess out. When I was home for a weekend last spring, at dinner, Melinda spoke about the arrangement. She said that she would be in charge of the money so Craig wouldn’t have to worry about it and that she would get to keep any money she could get back from the government. Craig nodded.
Craig always made a big deal of being willing to support us children through whatever education we could manage. He promised to pay for our tuition and other expenses no matter how high we wanted to aim scholastically.
Craig’s conduct with Justin bothered me. They used to play chess together (at least until Justin began to beat him regularly), and Craig would play in the nude. I did not think this was appropriate. Craig’s personal hygiene was also a problem. At one point, Ayn noticed brown lines down the middle of the green pillows on the chairs in the breakfast nook. She asked me what they were from. I did not know, so I asked Melinda. She told us that Craig had become so heavy that it was difficult for him to wipe himself after defecating, so he did not bother. He also habitually wore a short robe that did not adequately cover his bottom, thus the brown streaks. Ayn and I quickly removed the cushions and disposed of them. Craig also refused to wash his dishes, or even to put them in the dishwasher. When I confronted him about this, he said that is should be someone’s chore and that he worked, so he shouldn’t have to do it.
About Mom’s writing, when it started to become clear that she might be able to make money from selling her books, he began saying frequently that he had made the first million dollars, so she could make the second so he could retire. When she asked him about how she had worked, cleaning, paying the bills, etc. while he had worked, he answered that he would manage the staff.
Craig’s lack of social skills have been an ongoing problem. He seems to have no empathy. I don’t recall him ever saying “Thank you,” or “Please.” Except to tell Justin to use the terms. I remember one dinner at the house on Burnet when his face, beard and torso were, as usually, covered with the debris of his food. He then told Ayn she was holding her fork incorrectly. She, disgusted, rose and left the table. Craig then remonstrated with Melinda for bringing up such rude children. On the Fourth of July of 1996, Melinda had agreed to put on a party for him. I could tell she didn’t want to, after all the trouble she had gone to put on a Halloween party she couldn’t enjoy because of his bad manners, but she did it anyway. I heard her ask him to do some running around for her in the morning. She sent him to get some fresh corn on the cob. He didn’t come back until a half hour before the party was due to start. Mom had been getting more and more frantic, hurrying to get everything done while worried that he and Morgan had been killed. When he finally got home, she asked him to go get some ice. He said that could wait, that he a present for her. She seemed quite upset and told him she didn’t want a present, she wanted him to go get the ice. He got belligerent and insisted she open the present. When she wouldn’t, being busy with the arrangements, he unwrapped it and shoved it at her. When she wasn’t grateful, he went into the kitchen, got a glass of water and threw it on her. I went outside to put the corn on the grill. He followed me outside, justifying what he had done. He said he had spent a lot of time and money on that present and she was just being awful. We haven’t thrown a party since, even though we enjoy entertaining and had some great ideas for get-togethers with friends. Mom always brought up that we couldn’t count on Craig behaving and we couldn’t always count on him being out of town.
Craig was out of town a lot over the past few years. Mom always seemed calmer and happier when he was gone. She spoke to me several times about the possibility of her divorcing him. I encouraged her to do so, since it was evident to me they did not have a companionate relationship and Craig did not value her as a person, only as his utility. She stopped talking about divorce last year, after she had dealt with the tax situation. In her talks with me, she seemed more positive about the future of their relationship. I did not see much of Craig through December, after I got back from school. During the trip to Hawaii, he stayed at the house most of the time while the rest of us went out snorkeling etc. He did express an interest in going up to see the yurt, the tent where Kathy, Ayn and I were staying. When he couldn’t go up to see it when he wanted, because we needed to be somewhere else, he was very annoyed. He also went with us to Volcano National Park. Mom and I wanted to spend more time there, but as soon as he had seen what he considered enough, he insisted that we go back to the house.
When we got back from Hawaii, I saw Craig a bit more than in December. The family went out to dinner together. Usually when we had dinner at home, we only saw Craig long enough for him to come to the table (after the rest of us were already seated and waiting), clad in his robe, to scarf down his portion before retiring to the kitchen to fix himself a snack and go back upstairs. It used to be that he would spend more time at the dinner table, but that interval has shortened over the years. He’s never really been a part of the family. We often joked that we were Craig’s rental family, and that we wouldn’t let him in the door without the check. He often participated in this joking. But we stopped making these jokes last year, when it seemed he could be more fully incorporated into the family.
January didn’t seem different. I had no idea that he was planning to divorce Melinda. We all went to see “Hard Rain” for Ed’s birthday (January 18) and to eat at Mimosa. As we were getting back into the car in the Green Hills parking lot, Craig again remarked on how, of all the children, I was the most like him. During the week prior to his moving out, he was not at home much, but not that much less than usual. I saw him briefly when he came home on Wednesday, January 22. He was going through the refrigerator. On Thursday, January 23, Mom and I went to the grocery store to buy food to fix and stick in the refrigerator for Craig, as he preferred eating leftovers to fresh food. We fixed a meat loaf and a tuna-noodle casserole, those being his favorite foods. After he told Melinda he was divorcing her, we debated giving them to Craig, and they sat in the fridge for about two weeks before we threw them out. The Hickory Farms cheese balls I gave him for Christmas are still in the refrigerator.
Things have been difficult since late that night on January 23, when Craig told Mom he was divorcing her. We’ve been caught between spending too much money and not letting Craig’s evil behavior affect us too much. Mom’s emotions have been whipsawing her between depression and rage. Justin has been very depressed and angry. But his behavior has improved very much. I’ve been much happier since Craig is no longer in the house. The housework has decreased considerably and we no longer live under the shadow of abuse. I’m glad we’re rid of him.


Dawn Pillsbury