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Morgan Barteaux Gell – The Story of a Psychopath - Part One

Morgan Barteaux Gell – The Story of a Psychopath - understanding their strategies

The Morgan Stories, told by her first victim, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Your family relationship with a psychopathic individual means nothing to them. It is used to gain access to resources. As long as you are useful, they keep you around, like a domesticated animal. When the time is right for them, they see a benefit to themselves, they kill you off.

When you see the world through their eyes, and motives, the expression, “Wolf in sheep's clothing,” will take on new meaning for you. 


Morgan used the strategies which, I now understand, are common to psychopaths. The earliest of these was dividing those closest to her, her family, with stories about each other which were carefully fabricated to instill distrust. No that psychopathic behavior in children is being studied by professionals this should no longer surprise informed minds. 
Denigrating those closest to her, to make them vulnerable and objects of scorn, came into play by the time she was 12. 
Morgan also used tantrums, carried out with frightening intensity and focus when she did not get what she wanted, to intimidate and obtain her goals. She never apologized for these. When confronted later, she shrugged and claimed she had been misunderstood, that her target had over reacted, or claim she was upset by something else, unrelated, which had happened to her. 
Emulating human emotions is essential for psychopaths. 
For Morgan, eliminating anyone else in the family who might received gifts or the ordinary support and concern expected, was a constant goal. To accomplish this she enticed my younger children into destructive behavior and then engaged them in a conspiracy to, “not tell Mom.” By so doing she disrupted my ability to provide adequate parenting. 
This is the same strategy used by child molesters. While she was not, that I know, a sexual deviant, she was abusive in this way and actually put their lives at risk on any number of occasions. 
One example of this was taking the children to her apartment, which we paid for, to swim in the pool and giving them alcohol to drink. Arthur was 12 years old the first time Morgan handed him a drink. She was in her twenties. I only learned what had been happening many years later, when Arthur, then a disabled adult, told me. The others confirmed this was true.

I was useful to Morgan until Craig decided to leave me. Then, killing me off seemed like the best move to her and, without hesitation, she enthusiastically joined Craig in his machinations.

Morgan's plan at the end of 1997 was for me to die and for her to marry Eugene Volokh and enjoy life as the wife of a billionaire. Craig could then be shelved as unnecessary. This did not work out. Eugene, perhaps seeing her real nature, dumped her. One month later she was in bed with John Fund, an old friend, and former boy friend, of mine. This took place while she was on a jaunt to New York, London, and Paris traveling with Craig, focused solely on herself and gratification.

Craig was eager for her to pursue the relationship with John because he had always been hungry for connections to people with power. During our marriage he continually harassed me to introduce him to people I knew politically.  I was reluctant to do so because Craig cannot maintain a civil relationship and continually made a fool of himself.  At one point he demaned I force John Fund to publish are horrifically stupid article he had written, going on about it for days.  Worn down, I eventually sent it to John, who, naturally, refused to try to have it published.  

But if Craig and John were sharing a woman, Morgan, they would be closer, especially if he assisted John to have a relationship openly with Morgan, which is what John, eager to get into bed with Morgan, had told her he wanted. 
For Craig this involved modifying one of his lies about me. Morgan had told Craig, inventing the falsehood, that my youngest child was not Craig's but John Fund's. This was impossible.
Morgan based this on a story I had told her, which conveyed nothing of the kind. I had been dating Fund but not seen him in some time. I called to tell him I was pregnant and before I could say more than, "John, I'm pregnant.." he hung up on me, saying, “I have to go now, Bye!” I was offended to think he had not let me finish the sentence but, feeling I had let him know I would no longer be seeing him, dropped the subject.  I did not imagine at the time he could think he was the father. 
I had become pregnant when Craig raped me. Evidently Craig decided this fabrication on Morgan's part created real potential for him legally and was then rolled out as a strategy in the divorce. Craig refused to acknowledge Justin as his son when he filed. Judge Anderle, not having the proof an adoption had taken place in the common law, as Craig had done this in 1989, did not grant support for my son or allow for visitation. 
Their planning had been thorough. 
Craig and Morgan let his attorney, Jacqueline Misho, found for him by Morgan, into our home and allowed her to go through my files and steal my personal papers before filing for divorce in January, 1998. Included was the copy of the last will and testament in which he named all the children as his own which I later found, Misho having stolen the current copy.
In November of 1998, to the astonishment of everyone, Craig had his attorney go back into court and claim Justin as his natural son. This was not conscience, but to clear the way for Fund to have an open relationship with Morgan and for Craig to ooze closer to those in power.  If you look at his site you'll see why 'ooze' is the correct term.
Craig knew Fund's speed dial included the number of Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. For him, this was the motive. 
I survived my heart problems, a corneal transplant, and storm migraines. Morgan's plans, which had undergone these unexpected complications, changed. 
In September of 1999 John Fund, the replacement for Eugene Volokh, was also slipping away. He had gotten what he wanted, after all. She needed help, so she contacted me, playing the 'poor me, I am so sorry,' card. I was always willing to help my kids, and to forgive them. That is, after all, what mothers do.

Ruthless People, which went up in 2002, after Fund had battered and nearly killed Morgan, was the first site I put up to handle the problem of dealing with those without conscience.  

-to be continued

Next segment, The Ruthless People Story 

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