Monday, January 2, 2017

Morgan and Laura, Two of a Kind

Let's get this straight.  If you happen across the illiterate blatherings extruded by the double digit intellects of Morgan Gell and her chum Laura Smith, formerly the wife of the criminally inclined  Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester you read lies which, by the evidence, were paid for by the sexually perverted pedophile, Craig Franklin.  

Darlene Rae Smith was hired by individuals legally joined in a conspiracy intended to kill off Melinda.  S, ince none of the individuals involved have taken steps to remove themselves from that conspiracy all are still joined together legally.  All of them.  Rest assured, I have not been backward in keeping notes and gathering evidence.  

These include Dan O'Dowd, his wife, Amy Chang O'Dowd, and a clutch of the senior management at Green Hills Software, Inc. (GHS), INTEGRITY Global Security, and likely other solely owned corporate entities under the complete control of the previously mentioned Dan O'Dowd.  

Craig Franklin was, and remains, part of this conspiracy but GHS eased him out, having relieved him of the dirty money which originally motivated Craig to join with Dan in the first phase of the conspiracy, which resulted in stealing the stock held by Glenn Hightower in the company he, not Dan, had funded.  Craig Franklin

By report, Craig is now homeless and living in a motel as close as he could mange to his little sister, Priscilla in the Pacific Grove area.  Priscilla probably tired of the constant bathroom clean up, porn and other fall out generated by her big brother. 

Craig's brother, Sterling Franklin, may grouse at how Dan ripped Craig off, but anyone who expects honor among thieves wishes for what will never be.  Anyone who expects that Craig will die possessed of anything but a clutch of Hustler Magazines and a few unused Viagra capsules is also dim-witted and vulnerable, vulnerable, vulnerable.  

Time goes on and the final chapter of this bizarre and highly psychopathic adventure is yet to be played out. But  events are moving into place.  

The thumb-brained duo of Morgan and Laura have not the foggiest what is going on.  So much the worse for them.  

But what can you expect from aged out sex workers?  Really, they should both look into some useful retraining programs.  With work and diligence the two of them could get jobs and McDonalds.