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Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Just the Facts, with Evidence


I am the family genealogist, by request from my father.

I am the founder and Head of the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation, which maintains a website for the work and legacy of Arthur, who is my father's father.

My father's name was Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, my mother was Mary Alice Reasoner.

Page on Pillsbury Family Site about them.

Entry on Father, with link to obituary

ARTHUR FRANCIS (10) (Arthur Clarence, Harlin Henry) b. 11 Oct. 1904 in Hollywood, CA. (132 N. Palm Dr., 1/2 block N. of Hollywood Blvd.) m. Mary Alice Reasoner on 24 June 1933 in Berkeley, CA Children:

           i.     Anne AEtheline , b. in Oakland, CA 22 July 1934 (married Paul Francis Gripp in Los Angeles, CA 13 April 1957.

           ii.    Carol Sylvia, b. in Riverside, CA 18 Jan, 1937. (married Gary Lee Michael Holbert, in Los Angeles, CA on 26 Feb. 1955. d. 12

                  Feb. 1974.  

           iii.   Charles Arthur, b. in Los Angeles, CA on 10 May 1945. Married Susan Knox in Danville, CA 7 Sept. 1973.

           iv.    Mary Linda, b. in Los Angeles, CA 29 Oct. 1948. Married three times (see subsequent entry)

           v.     Stephen Martin, b. in Los Angeles, CA 22 Nov. 1950. Married Wendy Perry.

Resided in Los Angeles, CA until Oct. 10, 1911. Moved to Oakland, CA where attended Clarmont Grammar School, and University High School (grad, June 1923). Attended Stanford University, Oct., 1923 to June 1930 (except for one winter and two spring semesters when I dropped out because of finances.) A.B. in Engineering in 1928, Engineer in Civil Engineering, June 1930. Held everal short jobs 1930-1932. Joined staff of Division of Irrigation Investigations and Practice, College of Agriculture, University of California, Berkeley, as Junior Irrigation Engineer as of 11 March 1932. Except that I served as Assistant Conservationist, California Forest & Range Exp. Sta. U.S. Forest Service in 1933-1934 fiscal year, I have been with the University continuously since. In January 1936 transferred to Riverside campus; in June 1939 transferred to Los Angeles campus to position of Professor of Irrigation and Soils in the College of Agriculture, Irrigation Engineer in the Agriculture Experiment Station and Professor of Engineering in the College of Engineering, Los Angeles. 1960 named Director of the Water Resources Center for the University System, based at UCLA. In 1965 served as a consultant for a year at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Served in various capacities as a consultant in California and then on the first EPA Committee of Congress. Retired, 1971, moving to Springville, California. Continued to do consulting work until 1990. Died April 12, 1991 in Santa Barbara, California.  Obituary, UC Archive, CaliSphere
All of the natural children of Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Pillsbury were emotionally normal and have worked in their communities for the well being of others.   

The Family in 1970 on Colby Avenue in West Los Angeles

Melinda's Adult Life

Raised in West Los Angeles, below is a short synopsis of her life.

MARY LINDA (MELINDA) PILLSBURY-FOSTER - (11) (Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) Born October 26, 1948 in Los Angeles, California. Attended Mar Vista Elementary School, Daniel Webster Junior High School, Venice High School, and St. Stephen's Preparatory School, Rome, Italy, 1964 - 1965. 2 years, Santa Monica College. Taught natural childbirth 1974 - 1986, politically active in the Libertarian Party for 17 years. Her children have taken her name either as a last name of middle name.  , 1964 - 1965.

Married to Richard Lee Barteaux September 7, 1966. Divorced 1969. Married Ronald Edward Kellett, May 1, 1972, divorced March 24, 1986. Married A. Craig Franklin June 24, 1989. Craig Franklin is a graduate of Stanford University, 1965, where he was Captain of the math team for four years. He worked for IBM, was on the staff at MIT, lead an R&D team at Digital Research, went to the SAS Institute, Digital Research in Pacific Grove, Microtech in San Jose and is presently Vice President at Green Hills Software, based in Santa Barbara, California. Served on the National PL1 Standards Committee for ten years. Ran for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire, 1977.  Franklin adopted Melinda's children in 1989.  Franklin adopted Melinda's children in 1989.   Melinda divorced in 1999. 

Documents, including marriage and divorce records


            i.     Morgan Francis Pillsbury - b. July 5, 1967.

            ii.    Dawn Ellen Pillsbury - b. March 5, 1974.

           iii.    Ayn Suzanne Pillsbury - b. April 26, 1975.

           iv.    Arthur Edward Foster - b. January 18, 1978.

           v.     Justin Pillsbury Foster - b. November 19, 1983.

           vi.   Mary Abigail Pillsbury – died at birth, December 24, 1989.

Professional Life – Melinda is presently Executive Vice President for MacPherson Investment Group, a start up still in the sweat equity stage. BIO

As a full time mother and activist, Melinda belonged to many groups in which she was very active. These included:

Young Republicans – 1967 - 1972

Libertarian Party of California – 1973 – 1988

Eastern Star – Served as an officer in Granada Hills

Amaranth – Past Royal Matron, La Sierra Court

Business and Professional Women – Past President, Santa Barbara Chapter

National Federation of Republican Women

Served as a national regent and county officer, Santa Barbara County

1994 - Melinda's sister Anne Aetheline Pillsbury Gripp, died having suffered a heart attack in Tokyo while there on business. She was the sole owner of the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate.

Melinda has to confront, after the death of both sisters to heart attacks and the open heart surgery of her younger brother, she has heart issues. 

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