Friday, November 23, 2012

Motgan is boring, on top of her other lack of virtues.

The 'posts,' on Morgan's blog, which is “,” prove, yet again, she cannot even spell her own name correctly.  It is larded with  more blather and inane accusations, interspersed with  repostings from articles I have written. Some of these may be doctored by her fevered fingers. She is obviously outraged to discover I have her number.(And do I have her number - 666) 

She says I 'claim to be related to the Pillsbury Flour Mill branch of the family.A pathetic misreading which she knows is entirely untrue.  

I have long been the family genealogist and historian, maintaining a site for the legacy of my grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury and one for the extended family genealogy. 
The Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation hosts on its front page a film I wrote, funded, and produced. Motgan (her preferred spelling, evidently), very much enjoyed the prestige of having the Pillsbury name. She did nothing to deserve it, and all of us are glad she is using, 'Gell,” which is far more suitable to her.

On none of these sites do I claim to be heir to the 'Pillsbury fortune,' and, in fact, point out the degrees of separation between our lines. They are not many, but they are there. Grandfather considered them cousins and visited with them when driving between the East and West coasts in the 30's. This is a very, “so what?” sort of comment, revealing something about which I discovered of Motgan after sharing with her some facts about the family lineage.

From the Pillsbury Family site - “The Pillsbury Family Sur-Name has many variations but, in America, the one which is commonly used is PILLSBURY.   All too often identified with the 'flour folks,' the name has a history which has impacted many parts of American life.  

All American Pillsburys are descendents of one William Pillsbury who arrived in 1641, apparently from Staffordshire, around 140 miles north of London.  

This site includes links to Lineage for all Pillsburys in America but was started explicitly for the descendents of Drs. Harlin Henry and Harriet Foster Pillsbury.  Dr. Harriet was a graduate of the Women's Infirmary of New York in 1880.  Her husband, Harlin, received his medical education at Dartmouth and Harvard. Each came from a family of Transcendentalists and were dedicated to education, women's rights, radical abolitionism, and social justice.  

As we find the stories and history this is where we publish.  
                                                                   Freedom, Justice, and Care of the Earth,

                                                   Melinda Pillsbury-Foster”

Motgan is not only incapable of writing she also cannot read. I make the point above we are not the 'flour people.' While the 'flour branch' are probably perfectly nice people they are not my branch I am proud of my descent, valuing it beyond wealth.  The line I share with my siblings, children (except Motgan) and other descendants, is one of active involvement with social justice.  

 However, the families meet very closely on the family tree and attended the same family reunions. This is not bragging, it is just history, and accurately told.

Motgan rewrites history to suit herself; Intolerable in a researcher or historian. She relayed to me once having told various sundry of her acquaintance we were related to Thomas Jefferson. I was stunned since I had recently related to her a detailed outline of our family history and lineage in which Jefferson was certainly not mentioned.  
Evidently, she decided Jefferson was sexier. I had told her, that we were close cousins with Parker Pillsbury, the prominent abolitionist, close friend of William Lloyd Garrison and editor of The Revolution for Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I also cheerfully informed her we are descended from several Signers. But she had never heard of any of these stalwart and worthy men so, evidently, substituted Thomas Jefferson.

If you read my articles, recounting my memories of James Dean you will see I point out I was between three years of age and six during the period he came over to visit with my mother. He was the only person who ever managed to dry the dishes in a way which made Mother entirely happy. These are not exactly the kind of memories people look for, regarding Jimmy, but they are my memories and cherished not because he became famous later but because he told me stories I remembered.  He was kind, listening with respect and attention when I talked. 
Motgan likes to impress people. All too often she actually embarrasses herself without knowing it. This is likely one of the reasons Eugene dumped her in September 1998. Smart guy. (IQ 210)
My born name was Mary Linda Pillsbury. I added Foster and formally took the name Pillsbury-Foster when I was 22.  This is what I call an affirming name, in this case memorializing Dr. Harriet Foster Pillsbury, my great0grandmother.   “Melinda,” was the name my mother always used because she preferred it.  It is simply a contracted form the two names Mary Linda. This is recognized as such by the Federal government. I have used only this name since around 1972. 
Motgan resented my father because he told her she would be lucky to get a job as a secretary, while she well knew he expected much of me and entrusted, to me alone, the stewardship of his father's legacy. He knew if I said I would do something I would get the job done. And I do. 

This is also a job. Making the world safe from psychopaths begins at home.   I'm going to make sure the world knows exactly who Motgan really is.

 See more about her biological father here. She is just like him. They even have the same eyes.

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