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Happy Thanksgiving, Morgan!

This is an excellent example of Morgan's literary abilities, or lack of same. Please note the grammar, spelling, and lack of any documentary materials and the vivid imagination, though highly pedestrian writing style, from someone I have not seen, or who never showed any concern for anyone but herself from the time she was born until now.

Please note Morgan was my biological daughter, adopted by my parents at their request, when she was 12. This came about because I felt since Mother had insisted on raising her it was appropriate they have both the blessings and burdens which accompanied the relationship.

The documents relating to this adoption are here. Note my parents named me as Morgan, then Carolyn's guardian in the event of their death or incapacity. Our relations were amicable and my willingness to allow the adoption was preceded by an agreement they would pay for her braces, wisdom teeth, college, and other expenses. After my mother died in 1987 Father not only refused to honor this commitment but stopped paying for Morgan in any way.

From the Duke and Doxie of Manchester site Morgan Pillsbury Gell Dropped out of school when she was 13. Raised hell with her grandparents, who had adopted and indulged her. Was dumped first on their oldest daughter, Anne Pillsbury Gripp, who then, for reasons both shocking and vulgar, dumped her on her biological mother, Melinda, when she was 19. TIMELINE

I do not fault Dad. He had his reasons, Morgan had proven to be, well, not only sexually promiscuous but incapable of holding a job and had failed to follow through with college, though we, my then husband Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin and I, supported her in an apartment and provided an allowance for this purpose, for ten years. If I had known what Craig was about many things would have been different. 

By the way, Mercury Rising should update  bio on their website.  

Of course, then I did not know Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin, had married me to gain access to my nubile daughters and it is possible that Morgan had entered into a sexual relationship with Craig far earlier than I later realized. He could not have had sex with Morgan as a child as she was 19 when she moved in with us – this after my sister dumped her because of her promiscuous behavior, among other reasons. Soon after she was, by her report, in a sexual and adulterous relationship with Eddy Van Halen. This may be true. He was seen laying rubber after dropping her off at our house one day. This report came from Arthur. Almost hit the cat.

This is Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin.  This photo appears on the Mercury Rising website, but Anne Fisher also sent it to me. 

This photo is my modeling photo, My mother uses it to disclaim me ON RUMOR MILL NEWS RADIO and calld me a psychopath .

Yes, and it is a good photo, it even looks a little like her in person – but Morgan is much older now, over 45, and I understand her looks are not holding up.   Below is a more up to date snapshot of Morgan, penetrating to her soul so you can see what lies barely beneath the surface.  

 As you can see, dental work is not in the Gell budget. 

 Curiously, Morgan has taken on the appearance of Jacqueline Misho, the attorney she found for Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin, her erstwhile 'Daddy,' adopted father and, umm - what do you call it when a woman of 30 plus is traveling alone with a man who is addicted to the fantasy of having sex with little girls, preferably those to whom he is related?  Let's find a word.  

Jacqueline Misho actually hung up on Craig when he tried to get her to obtain unsupervised visitation for him with his eight year old grand-daughter.  But no one believes it was a developing conscience, just caution on her part.    Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin actually also has a grandson by his eldest son, no relation to me, Jonathan Scott Franklin, but Little Scott is serving time in the Penitentiary just now for paying someone to kill his wife.   Upon discovering this, the attempt to obtain unsupervised visitation was   Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin's  first thought.  You can see where his heart and mind reside. 
 And here is a photo which accurately portrays Morgan's 'condition' the happy day she became Mrs. Jay E. Gell.  

And soon we will be posting photos of the reception! 

Since all the evidence confirms she is a psychopath the only criticism I have met from my friends and family is not having noticed it sooner. This photo above is more recent, a construct portraying her fantasy wedding.  

As far as I know Morgan never managed to get any PAID work as a model. But once I found some nude photos of her, so maybe I mispeak.

I'am a hard working, Proud mother of two beautiful sons and a wonderful supportive husband and two beautiful son's.

Never, in all the years I knew Morgan would I, or anyone I know, have called her hard working. If she is today it is, doubtless, because she used up her other options and her husband insists on maintaining his life style, meaning he stays home with the kids while she works at WalMart.

My mother is mentally ill our entre family has been destroyed by her.

This is projection and silly at that.

Melinda Pillsbury Foster is not welcome in any of our family's home's.

Not true, I have amicable relations with the family members with whom I choose to communicate. I, too, can wise up.

Melinda Pillsbury Foster is a disgrace to all society.

Wow. Again, no documentation. Groundless assertions are boring, Morgan, try to do better.

Below read of her Evil, Lies, Stalking, Extortion, Melinda Pillsbury Foster is doing websites and taking ownership of many peoples good name without any permission or a contract.

Contract? Why would I need a contract to defend myself? Morgan has clearly been listening to Jay, who has some curious ideas about the law and his prerogatives. This, Morgan, is where you provide the link to something besides your groundless assertions.

Melinda Pillsbury foster has no education and has never done anything good for the world.

Well, this from someone who can't even spell my name correctly. And this is, of course, why my editor asked me to run for president. Natch. Happens every day.

Melinda stalks people on Radio shows and the Internet. Melinda Pillsbury Foster has yet to show us her High School Dipolma because Melinda never finished High School. Melinda is not a Journalist she needs help.

It is not called 'stalking,' when you do this on the radio or write articles. It is called journalism, and you are a tiny piece of my oeuvre, and not that interesting, actually. This is a nre form of journalism. We are calling it PsychoBusting. Visit the site.

Melinda Pillsbury Foster lost Conservatorship of my brother Aurthur Pillsbury foster, In 2007 Santa Barbra California, Public Court Records CASE number ( 222-783)

I did not bother to renew it. I am Arthur's caretaker and have been for 14 years. Morgan has no contact with Arthur, whose name she can't even spell correctly.

We will be posting many other records here. Melinda pillsbury foster is not the legal Guardian of my brother Aurthur Pillsbury Foster.

Despite the ranting and claims of this troop of trolls I am a journalist, a radio talk show host, and most of my time is spent on productive activities in addition to caring for my disabled son, Arthur.  Note:  None of Arthur's siblings has so much as sent him a birthday card in years.  Arthur's disabilities stem from two major brain injuries.  Most families would have been supportive.  My children were not but I have never faulted them for this and love them despite their abandonment of myself and their brother.  I am well aware they were manipulated by Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin , who routinely writes checks for sex to multiple women and for other interesting and unusual services.  

Exposing the individuals named above was undertaken as a public service as all are con-artists and some subset of them exhibit highly psychopathic characteristics. When you can find them online their con-games decline

Well? Where are they?

Melinda lives off of my brothers state check and he lives from house to house of people he does no know. Melinda Pillsbury foster is Homeless.

I was Arthur's sole support from the time of his first brain injury in 1997. How are Jay's disability checks holding up? Still getting food stamps for those two kids of yours?

She is shacking up with Rumor Mill News owner Raylan Smith, We are told they are in a relationship,

Yuck. Can you believe she would say this? No truth to it what so ever. If you look at the ugly charges of sexually deviant behavior she has made it raises the question in your mind what we don't yet know about her, though you would think it is enough.  

All Creditors can find Melinda Pillsbury Foster at, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Evidently, I don't have any since they never call and I make no secret of my location. Note my email address has not changed in many years. 

Is Morgan channeling Laura or is Laura channeling Morgan?  Inquiring minds want to know! 

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