Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Morgan boringly repeats herself.....again, and again, and again.

And yet again Morgan spews and lies.  Study these, google my name.  Read my articles.  I have always been very productive.  Morgan?  Never. 

Please note Morgan Barteaux Gell, the eldest daughter of Richard Lee Barteaux, is no longer part of my family.  I disowned her and this will never change. 

She has no contact with me or other members of the family and knows nothing about me.  Any assertion on her part she does is a lie, plain and simple.  

She makes up stories which are always slanderous and inaccurate about me and others in the family.  She does nothing productive herself, and never has.  Her present relationship with the Manchesters, Craig Franklin, and their small coterie focuses on nothing but harming me and my family.  

Psychopaths hate being outed.   It is not easy coping with the ugliness of the highly psychopathic - but it is worth every day of knowing when you wake they will never again touch you and every day takes you further from the danger they represent. 

I finally realized she is a psychopath and urge anyone who has such an individual in their life  to follow the steps which will soon appear here to ensure they are safe from the predatory impulses which are the only kind psychopaths possess. 

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