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Morgan Pillsbury Gell - Psychopath

When Psychopaths Collide – and 
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The first time the nurse put my daughter Carolyn, newborn, into my arms I was overwhelmed with a surge of love and tenderness. In that instance I knew, beyond doubt, I would do everything necessary to protect this small, delicate being. On the day she was born I was 18 and still a child myself, in many ways.   

Five months before Carolyn was born I left an abusive marriage.  Enduring broken teeth and knife wounds  I had nearly died. I believed the nightmare was behind me. We were safe, living with my parents while I went to college so I could support us. 
Today I have come to understand my oldest daughter is, in fact, a psychopath. She has always been  devious, manipulative, abusive of her siblings. She could not love. I found reasons to excuse her, every time.

I felt, loved, empathized.  She never did.                                                              

With others of my generation I believed it was nurture, not nature, which determined who you became.  

I love each of my children deeply but Carolyn, who changed her name to Morgan when  she was 18, was always a focus of my concern because around her there were always problems, controversy, angers, fractures in relationships and questions which had no  answers – until now.  

Understanding the nature of psychopathy forced me to reconsider what I must do.  

Realizing Morgan, and others like her endanger our world made this article necessary.  I cannot allow Morgan to prey on others and say nothing.  

I should have accepted something was very wrong when I first listened to what is now known as the WeaselSearchTape in 1999. Recorded to persuade me to, again, assist her, on the tape you hear Morgan using me as a threat against her lover, John Fund.  You hear her assert her ability to control and manipulate me, ensuring I will always do as she wants.  This was all, too true. 

You are hearing a psychopath operating. There is no concern for me, who was at the time struggling with a heart condition and caring for my disabled son. There is no shame, none of the things a normal woman would feel, having so deeply betrayed her mother. There is reference to the lies she told about me, paid by my former husband, Craig Franklin. Morgan expresses no shame because she feels no shame.  

The Weasel Search Tape allows you to look deep into her mind. 

Psychopaths are always among us, numbering around 1 – 4% of the population. They can be stupid, as is the Duke of Manchester, whose acuity is low. They can be intelligent, as is my former husband, Craig Franklin, whose I.Q. is 180. At any time the number of psychopaths with I.Q.s over 180 at large in America is around 20,000 individuals. The population of psychopaths, those lacking conscience and empathy, has a normal range. Naturally, it is easier to spot stupid psychopaths who are less skilled in manipulation and mimicking human emotions.  

Research into the subject now indicates, along with intelligence, other attributes also affect the psychopath's ability to prey on those of us who are normal. High functioning, intelligent, psychopaths master the ability to mimic emotions. They can be highly charismatic and seem to know how you feel before you know yourself.  They also are able to defer gratification. 

Psychopaths are highly dangerous to all of us and to our world. All of us will have contact with and be impacted by psychopaths in our personal lives and by the conversions psychopaths are responsible for in finance, politics, and all other human institutions.  

Recognizing the psychopathic among us is, therefore, a life and death issue. Psychopaths are responsible for war and all imaginable kinds of human suffering.  

Additionally, and this is extremely important, psychopaths, no matter how intelligent, do not innovate. They prey on us for our ideas, our energy, as well as other resources. My former husband, Craig Franklin, who was captain of the math team at Stanford every semester he was there, once told me he found his limitation in math and could never move beyond it. “It was like I hit a brick wall,” he said. Craig spent enormous energy attempting to be creative in song writing and poetry. It was beyond his capacity.  

Until a few years ago I did not know anything about psychopathy.  I was always extremely forgiving toward my children. With normal children this worked well. Love teaches its own lesson to those who can love. With Morgan forgiveness opened my entire family up to a predator who enjoyed, and used, the chaos which always accompanied her.  

Inside that tiny pink bundle, received with loving arms. dwelt a predator. I am one of thousands of parents who live the same nightmare.  

In 2002 my daughter, Ayn, said, “Good, let John Fund kill her. It will solve the problem.”  If Ayn was not right she at least had a clear understanding of who Morgan really is.   I now accept she knew Morgan far better than did I.  

The daughter I loved, who I protected despite the ugliness of her life-long behavior, is a psychopath who manipulated me, her siblings, and everyone in her life. This will never change. Today many parents face the reality of psychopathic children, children who are not, truly human. There is no greater loss because we loved someone who wanted only to destroy us and others we cherished. For a psychopath betrayal is the only normal way of life.  

When I see her photo I still grieve - but it is better to know. Knowing makes us stronger and better prepared for what is still to come. 

Morgan's life remains a fabric of lies, manipulation, and self-indulgences. Today, she is married to another highly psychopathic individual. This happens regularly with the psychopathic, as together they form a 'Bonnie and Clyde' type of partnership, sharing common goals. Their two children will be impacted in very negative ways and, again, I face a legal system which will not help them. They, too, may be either truly psychopathic or become situational psychopaths.  

After a short stint at Pierce, the city college in the San Fernando Valley, where we were living, Morgan stopped going to school, though she failed to share this fact us, even though we were, by this time, paying for her to live in an apartment and for her 'educational' expenses. Her behavior in the home had been disruptive.  Morgan routinely manipulated her siblings, telling lies to encourage animosity and conflict. 

Morgan continually exaggerated her accomplishments, telling us she was a professional jockey and a professional model.  In fact, she showed her horse, purchased for her in local shows by my parents, and took a modelling class while living with my sister in Santa Barbara.  When she began living with us I was confronted with Morgan's in-your-face demand I find her modelling jobs and act as her agent and publicist.  Morgan routinely used bullying to get her way.  

Not only was her behavior disastrous for her, the covert drinking, lying and other ugly behavior which were, for her normal, were passed to her siblings with her active encouragement, as she manipulated them to deceive me.  When her brother, Arthur was twelve she gave him his first drink and his first cigarette, I learned years later. Naturally, she told him not to mention this to me.  This accords with the stories later relayed to me by my other children, now grown and, as normal adults,  alienated from their sister.  

Her deceit destroyed the trust we once had in each other.  Taken in conjunction with the similar behavior of my then husband, Craig, the impact caused incalculable suffering. 

Providing substances to underage children is a form of child abuse. Watching with pleasure as they stagger around drunk, and in harm's way is unthinkable, but this is what she did.  Doing so behind the back of their mother while engaging those children in a conspiracy to deceive is a violation of trust which cannot be overlooked or forgotten.  

By her report, she began a long-term relationship with Eddie Van Halen during this period, meeting him through Doris Miller, a friend who grew up as the Van Halen's began their career playing at her parent's restaurant in the San Fernando Valley. From Doris, directly, I knew of her connection to Van Halen.  I say, 'by Morgan's report,' about her relationship because it was impossible to know the truth when Morgan was talking about who she knew.  Psychopaths lie with the regularity which the emotionally normal breathe. It was clear, from what Morgan said, that if she was in the relationship, her  intention was to destroy his marriage to his then wife, ValerieBertonelli. I was appalled and disgusted when she told me.  

Morgan was jealous of anything her siblings received. If someone else had a special day she would do all in her power to spoil it, if she happened to be there.  The more important the occasion the more likely she was to manipulate events and destroy its potential for happiness. If she was present there had to be drama and she had to be the center of attention even if the attention was entirely negative.  

When my mother became ill with cancer in 1987 Morgan proved incapable of supporting  my mother or acting responsibly.  She became absent, unavailable and sullen.   
As others of her generation started families, worked long hours, and struggled, she continued to indulge herself, dramatize, and lie about her accomplishments.  

In 1995 Morgan was 28 years old. She had been taking acting workshops but had barely any work history. She wanted to get married and she wanted someone with money and power.  

That year I put on a conference for the then new Republican Liberty Caucus. For me this was a memorial to Roger MacBride, producer of Little House on the Prairie, an old friend, who had founded the organization. For Morgan, it was an opportunity for husband hunting. The husband she decided she wanted was Professor Eugene Volokh.   The event was an opportunity for networking of the normal kind and I mentioned to Morgan I wanted Ayn to fly in from college to assist with the event.  Morgan turned around and screamed at me, telling me Ayn had, 'no right to be there."  The event, she said, belonged to her.  Had she worked to promote it?  No.  Morgan never did anything positive. 

These incidents were frightening because they were so unexpected and violent.  

Just as she had wanted other prizes outside her grasp she began a campaign to get Volokh. I can tell you this for a fact because she called me up, demanding I help her, again pouring on the pressure.  I tried to resist, pointing out how different their interests were. Until you have known someone like Morgan you cannot imagine how it is to be hit with the tsunami of emotional force she can deliver.  It was then impossible for me to withstand.  Her first demand was for me to write her emails to Eugene, making them intelligent and witty.  Grudgingly, I complied.  Eugene became interested.   The two started dating.  As the relationship advanced I had to write less but I never knew when she would call, demanding I drop everything to write something for her.  

By then Craig, myself, and our youngest son, were living in Santa Barbara. Morgan was living in our house in North Hills, which had suffered severe damage during the 1994 Northridge Quake and was undergoing repairs.  Morgan came up often to reinforce her demands.  I felt battered but also bewildered.  Why was she treating me this way? At the same time I suffered through several medical emergencies which necessitated hospitalization.  Morgan's only seeming concern was that I remain available to her, if she needed me.  

Eugene had graduated from law school at UCLA and was clerking for Sandra Day O'Connor when he was 19.  At the same age Morgan, by her own report to me,  was attempting to seduce Eddie Van Halen.  

When they met in 1995 Eugene was, clearly, a serious intellectual and over and over again I remonstrated with Morgan on her plans.  She had not explicitly shared with me the kind of life she had been leading but she had said enough for me to understand drinking and other reprehensible behavior were taken for granted.  At one point the potential hazards of presenting herself as someone very different than she was became clear to her. Morgan finally told me about the provision for green M & M's in the Van Halen performance contract.  

On one occasion, when she described herself as, 'falling down drunk,' she was in the Green Room with Van Halen before a concert.  She explained the Van Halen Contract included a provision whereby a large container of green M & Ms must be provided in the Green Room before the concert.  This was not actually whimsy.  It ensured, Morgan said, they would know if the whole contract had been carefully  read and understood.  

On the occasion when she was sitting there, barely able to stand, the attorney who was assigned to oversee the carrying out of the provisions was forced to sort through bag after bag of M & Ms, placing the green ones in the receptacle provided.  Morgan reported herself as sodden drunk,  falling off the chair laughing at the red faced man, who was clearly annoyed.  This took place in the 1980s.  

By 1996 Morgan had began acting as hostess for Eugene when his friends came to dinner.  On one occasion she thought the guest, whom she had not previously met, looked vaguely familiar. He pointedly looked at her while relaying the story above from the point of view of the attorney.  Morgan  said it took all of her ingenuity to appear amused, relaxed, and unconcerned.  He could never be sure, she said smugly.  

Morgan's entire relationships with Van Halen and Volokh were based on deception.  She saw nothing wrong with this and was very willing to marry either man, if he could be brought to the altar.  I could never sense, despite her protestations, she cared about either of them in any real way.  I felt like a burro being whipped as I struggled to carry a heavy load up the mountain.   Every so often I would ask myself, "Why is this happening to me?" 

I never imagined she was slandering me while I was helping her, but this proved to be the case.  The reasons, in retrospect, are clear.  She needed to be in control and once she achieved her goal, marriage, my candor would be dangerous to her.  What if I talked about how the relationship had come about?  I knew far too much about her.  Morgan was using me - but once she had achieved her end goal I was marked for elimination.  This made her cooperation with Craig very much in order, she would both eliminate me and be paid for doing so.       

Over time, Morgan built up a shallow patina of familiarity with the ideas of freedom. She had always been indifferent to the work or ideas and had no idea what a 'free market' was or anything about the Movement of which both Eugene and myself was  a part.  While she did not read, she picked up enough not to embarrass herself. 

I had loaned Morgan part of my library for her apartment in West Los Angeles so it would appear she had read books and knew the intellectual authorities in economics, politics, and other areas of intellectual inquiry. 

Instantly, she was telling people she was an expert and expressing opinions.  She also began slandering me to old friends, something I would discover only when Arthur was in the hospital and I received a call from a friend concerned enough to broach the subject.  Today, I am still coping with the damage she, John, and Craig did to me personally and professionally.  But people could far more easily understand lies from an estranged husband than from a daughter they knew I loved.  

Psychopaths tell lies to marginalize and isolate their victims.  Their prey should be vulnerable, isolated, and unsure of those around them. This increases the psychopath's pleasure and power.   Morgan did this to me from the time she was very young, beginning with my parents, I learned from my father, shortly before he died.  I thank God he lived long enough for us to heal those breeches in trust.  

The experience of being slandered is frightening for the victim, who sees friends and associates slipping away.  Very few people will tell you the truth about what is happening.  

During the period of the divorce, and until Morgan and Craig stopped talking, they worked this as a team, telling lies about me to the same people to reinforce them, I would learn.  But Morgan had failed to account for the impact her actions would have on Eugene, who was watching as this took place.  The Volokh's were a close family, who cared for their loved ones.  It is most likely true that Morgan's attempts to marginalize and slander me caused them unease.  I had, after all, been the one who introduced them all to Morgan originally.  Additionally, Craig demanded, as part of the services she provided, he be included in Eugene's party invitations.  

Having Craig at a party is like inviting Attila the Hun to tea.  His manners defy description.  After leaving me he immediately began making sexually explicit approaches to women who were not in the least interested.  He even stalked Arianna Huffington for a time, I understand.  Craig was, by his own report, sent a cease and desist letter from Ayn Rand's attorney for stalking her in 1969.  Morgan later told me this did not go over well with Eugene's friends.  

1997 was the year I discovered, and solved the problem of Craig's inability to file his taxes, thus saving the family from financial ruin. Divorcing and destroying me is the sort of thing a psychopath does to say, 'thanks.'  As you can see, Craig and Morgan had a lot in common.  

Morgan immediately tried to take credit for solving the IRS problem, as always, She had nothing whatsoever to do with it. She did come up occasionally as she was anxious to know I would be able to move her from the house in North Hills, then being sold, to an apartment in West Los Angeles so she could continue her campaign to marry Eugene.  

I later learned she had also begun claiming credit for my achievements during my years of political activism.    

On September 27th, 1997 Arthur, our oldest son, was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident. Morgan came up to get a check while I was at the hospital, not even glancing at her brother, still in a coma. Otherwise, I did not see her. Ayn and Dawn came home from school, Ayn from Michigan and Dawn from SLO, to be at his bedside.  

Eugene broke off their relationship in the summer of 1998, one month before she accompanied my former husband to New York, London, and Paris. From the moment she demanded Arthur's heart until September 1999 she never called me though she knew I was essentially blind and struggling to care for Arthur and myself.  

No normal woman would have helped a father destroy her mother. No normal woman would have accepted money to slander and libel her mother, No normal woman would have accompanied an abusive adopted father on a lavish tour while her mother was struggling to survive and care for her brother, then still being diapered and cared for by her mother. Morgan is not normal.  

I have been asked if she had a sexual relationship with Craig. I respond that I cannot be sure. I don't think so - but given everything else she had done I will never be certain. 

At the time of Arthur's accident in 1997 Craig was already planning to leave me. The problem with the IRS had been solved and he had begun negotiating with Green Hills Software President, Dan O'Dowd, to defraud me of a marital share of the stock options granted to Craig the year before. Morgan found the divorce attorney for Craig, Jacqueline Misho, now famous as having eviscerated John Cleese for his wife during their more recent divorce. On Cleese's 'After Divorce Tour' the comedian refers to Misho as, “The Orc.” Cleese was far too kind.  

Morgan and Craig had not expected me to survive because they knew I was experiencing heart problems. I learned from others, much later, this was a major component of their frequent conference calls with others involved in destroying me.  

Craig battered me, physically, for the last time after Christmas in Hawaii with all the children present in 1997.  Ayn Declaration  

Craig learned he would probably be liable for support for Arthur, even if the adoption was not known to the court.  He asked Arthur to lunch.  There, hepersuaded my  emotionally fragile son, who was struggling with depression, I was evil and he would be better off dead than living with me.  Arthur attempted suicide two weeks later. 

Arthur shot himself through the brain on March 22, 1998. He survived, despite predictions of attending physicians. I became his caretaker, 24/7.  

Morgan began her sexual relations with John Fund on my birthday, 1998, the same day I was undergoing a corneal transplant, the same month I had my angiogram and another surgery while still caring for Arthur.  

Arthur was in a coma for weeks as his physicians urged me to donate his organs. At first, Craig was sure he would die.  When it became clear he might live Morgan finally called me.  On this occasion she abruptly told me she needed a heart transplant and wanted Arthur's heart. It was as if the world had dropped out from under me.  Morgan's shrill demands continued, no concern for her brother, myself, or anyone else present in her words or actions.  Even before she finished her rant, which was ugly and threatening, I began to tremble.  Facing the death of one child I must now cope with the possible death of two children.  Shaking, I collapsed to the floor in tears, alone and unable to move.  Without even saying goodby, but having delivered her ultimatum, Morgan hung up.  Over the next week I suffered severe heart irregularity.  

Later I learned it was a complete fabrication, probably originated between her and Craig when he learned Arthur was not dead and so might, still, end up costing him money for support.  Sitting at his bedside and slowly watching the gross swelling of his head dissipate over that week I refused to allow my son to die.  Finally, he regained consciousness.  I heard his first words, spoken through cracked lips.  He had come back to us, but it would be a slow and agonizing recovery.  

At the beginning of 1999 Ayn, who had moved back to Los Angeles to work for PR News, heard about the relationship between John and Morgan from Morgan, who lived down the street from her. According to Ayn, Morgan told her in advance, the two were going to New Orleans on a romantic get-away. This was  sometime in January. I did not believe it. How could John be so dumb, I asked Ayn? She shrugged. When the rumor about the abortion arrived from the same source I called John, who denied the story.  

Craig and Morgan had accompanied his attorney, Jacqueline Misho to the family home before I was served with divorce papers to steal the proof Craig had, indeed, adopted all the children.  Morgan has watched while Misho rifled through my private papers, a violation of law.  On the same occasion she stole my mother's wedding and engagement rings.  

In September I discovered John also lied when Morgan played the Weasel Search Tape for me moments after she had recorded herself and John's conversation. It was too painful to consider the full significance of what I was hearing.  Morgan made the tape because I refused to believe her.  This did not change.  I always insisted she provide proof of what she said.  In her dealings with Fund she provided them.  

You learn several things as you listen to the Weasel Search Tape.

John was afraid of me and afraid of the truth coming out and he had been told lies about me by Morgan.  Morgan was using me to pressure John into a relationship he wanted to end, having most likely achieved his goal. What kind of relationship do two psychopaths have? If they can cooperate in preying on others it works for them – but it still creates chaos all around them.  

I was sucked in to Morgan's ongoing drama as the two of them fought it out, psychopath against psychopath.   

In June of 2001 John Connolly, a well known journalist of national repute, persuaded Morgan to be interviewed and provide him with the tape. I tried to talk her out of cooperating or providing Connolly with the tape, but she was determined to 'get' Fund. At the same time she and Fund, bizarrely, were discussing a reconciliation. 

Hearing of the article, Sex, Lies,and the Tape, due to be published in Talk Magazine, then under the management of Tina Brown, Fund had his attorneys write threatening letters to Brown, a practice he later repeated, as needed, I would discover.  

When publication was canceled Connolly sold the article to Weasel Search, where it appeared along with the tape until the site folded and it was hosted at American Politics Journal, where it remains today. 

Conflict between the two, Morgan and Fund, escalated. Fund used a series of women to strike out at Morgan in various ways. Gail Heriot was used to start his site and to send libelous letters. John seduced the unattractive law professor and aimed her at Morgan, using manipulation and lies as he did with many other women.  [His strategy for using women will be detailed in the next article. ] 

Another woman, a highly placed executive in the bank where she had her account, was used to close down Morgan's bank account, very covertly and entirely outside the law.  

I was Morgan's unwitting back up. Psychopaths are ruthless. Morgan needed me and used me without conscience.  

I was frantic Fund would kill her.  She was only concerned with gaining control.  

Eventually, John called in his friends, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. By then it was very political for them as the scandal could not be allowed to become public. John, positioned as a journalist, remains a valuable political operative who was 'briefed' by the White House during the Bush Administration.  Stealing Freedom - The John Fund Back Story

Craig Franklin and Dan O'Dowd of Green Hills Software, Inc. received huge government contracts, these being awarded during the time John Fund was most actively working to evade accountability.  A coincident?  I don't think so.  Green Hills, or someone having access to its legal files, made Morgan's deposition from a case then settled, available to Fund.  The deposition had never been certified as the case was settled before Morgan, as the deposed party, had the opportunity to read and correct the document.  This document could not lawfully be used for any purpose whatsoever and certainly the attorneys for Green Hills knew this.  It was received by Fund in a Green Hills envelope, postage paid by Green Hills, according to an eye witness.   

Morgan then had the bright idea for me to write a book about her and John – which she would publicize. I wrote the book, GREED: The Neoconning of America, in four months. The reviews were very good. She fell flat on her face publicizing it. Morgan always claimed to be competent and proved she was not when put to the test. But she did end up pregnant by one of the characters in the book, Jay Gell.  

The two were married February 14, 2005 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Today they live in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, and have two children. Jay has achieved his ambition in life. His wife works, I am told at Walmart.  He stays home.  

It was two years ago when I made the mistake of trusting them to help me try to, finally, achieve some justice and a settlement which would enable me to provide needed therapy for Arthur.  Morgan and Jay not only lied, telling me they were working on the matter, they embezzled the records I sent to Jay, although this violated the power of attorney he signed. He has refused to even return the records to me, attempting to extort money for his, "work done."  Nothing he and Morgan had said was true but they had received some money from me and gifts.  It has been suggested to me they sold the records to Green Hills.  I have since received admission, directly from Gell, the records were, in fact, given to Craig, an officer of Green Hills Software. 

During the autumn of 2010 Morgan, who had shown no interest in her brother, Arthur, for whom I have been sole caretaker for nearly 14 years, tried to talk me into, 'sending him out to visit.'  This began as a bizarre conversation as she called me up telling me how much she 'loved' Arthur and how close they were.  Astonished, I listened.  This sudden offer of hospitality coincided with her realizing he was receiving, finally, a small monthly stipend for his massive disabilities. Arthur is nearly blind, suffers from the effects of the brain injury with short term memory loss, and can walk only with the aid of a cane and brace.  His mobility is extremely limited.  Morgan pressured me for his phone number.  I told her I would give her's to him.  He could call if he felt he wanted to do so. 

Arthur refused to talk to her on the phone, telling me he did not trust her, that she just wanted to get her hands on his disability check and would force him to live in the garage. Arthur was, doubtless, entirely correct as later she broached exactly this plan for his care to me and demanded I name her his conservator in the case of my death.  Her all too obvious intentions were so ugly I was left shaking.  I rewrote my will, disinheriting her completely.  

Last spring, 2011,  she and Jay reported me to CPS for 'abusing' Arthur, a charge easily dis-proven by one candid discussion with Arthur, who the agents found sitting at his computer, well-fed, well clothed, and as contented as our circumstances allowed. Arthur had no doubt Morgan was behind the accusation, and so informed them. They repeated this to me as they were leaving. Apologizing, they offered to do that they could to keep Jay and Morgan from harassing us.

Since this was originally published Gell has claimed his sister was responsible for calling CPS.  I did not even know her name.  The only explanation is that she was working as the Gell's agent. 

Why would Morgan and Jay do this? Psychopaths enjoy causing pain.    

Three months later I was asked to take on a writing job, deferring payment until the book sold. The request came from my old friend, Raye Smith and Laura, Duchess of Manchester. Little did I, or Raye,  know Duke Alexander routinely begged help and then, consistently, welched on payment, threatening and vilifying those who assisted him.  At present, he is facing criminal prosecution for passing bad checks.  Another psychopath had entered my life.  

The Duke provides yet another illustration of psychopathic behavior, this one written in newspapers across several continents and in police complaints.  My attempt to help them opened up the opportunity for Morgan to, again, slander and libel me using Laura as her agent.  Her number was supplied to Laura, Duchess of Manchester, by Craig, my former husband, who Laura, anxious to destroy me for the Duke, contacted.   

Morgan, aware of my reaction to her previous abuses, asked them not to use her name - but I knew it was her feeding them information, as these lies, real whoppers,  were particular to Morgan. It was most probably Morgan who put them in touch with John Fund, despite the former animus between them.  John is foolishly credulous in many ways.  

Arthur Prager, a friend from New York, who can tell whoppers with a straight face, once relayed to Fund a story about his activities during WWII.  Prager told Fund he, and a small group of specialists, had been air dropped into Berlin just before it fell to the Allies, with a printing press strapped to one man's back.  On the ground they printed leaflets and then distributed them door to door, in uniform.  Fund bought the story and repeated it.    

The Duke allows people to believe he has money to pay for services and both Morgan and Jay are always eager for benefits of all types.  This was the same motivation which left them with egg on their faces in the aftermath of their involvement with Karl Schwartz, who also welched on paying them.  Dumb, Unscrupulous and Debauched.

One of the advantages of having a title such as 'Duke" is the automatic failure of most people to perform due diligence.  Since Alex is dumb his title has been his only asset in a life of monumental stupidity and squalor.  

Psychopaths come from all walks of life and all human groups.  They are a profound problem for all normal people.  In our personal lives they work to destroy the trust and love which knits families together.  In corporations they abuse power and evade accountability, working to destroy the prosperity of others, while ensuring their own profits.  In government they are subverting the rights of the people and constructing infrastructure which ignores the Constitution so absolute power will be in their hands.   

Even with a density of only 4% all of us are in danger. In corporations, finance, and government the concentration of those without conscience is far higher, according to such experts as Robert Hare, PhD, and acknowledged authority on the subject. The presence of those without conscience in institutions, such as our courts, where individuals take sworn oaths to be truthful, has destroyed the reliability of our system of justice.  

This must change and the changes begin with recognizing the psychopathic among us.  

As parents, as partners, investors and as voters, we need to look behind the mask and recognize the eyes of those without conscience – even when doing so is emotionally shattering.  

Visit Life Stealers. Learn more about psychopathy. If you are the parent of a psychopathic child join our new Group, forum starting soon.  

Next in the series: John Fund, Stealing Lives and Elections.  
Also coming:  Craig Franklin and Green Hills Software, Inc.:  A Safe Harbor for Sexual Predators

And More on the Duke is also in the offing.  

The book, now being written, "Ruthless People:  Their Minds, their Stories," tells the stories of those without conscience from their own point or view,  ultimate horror stories.

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