Saturday, April 5, 2014

Affidavit Under Penalty of Perjury by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Clarification of Family Relations
Morgan Gell, legally Melinda's sister

I, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, testify under penalty of perjury the following statements are true and accurate and not intended to deceive.

I hereby revoke and deny any relationship with Morgan Barteaux Pillsbury Gell, the person named below. I do not reference her as either a child or in any relationship to me and always explain to my associates the facts which made this necessary and permanent.

Morgan is highly psychopathic and views everyone in her life as a means for self-enrichment, showing calloused disregard for the well-being of anyone but herself.

A Brief History
Links to documentation of events cited can be found in TIME LINE. Everything relating to Morgan has been included.

On July 5, 1967 I gave birth to a baby girl, the product of my first marriage to Richard Lee Barteaux, from whom I was estranged and separated. I named the baby Carolyn Anne Barteaux.

I later learned Richard, who I never saw after leaving him is a psychopath himself.  Richard had tried to kill me, this being the cause of my leaving.  As is now understood, the condition can be inherited. I maintain a website on Richard, who is now deceased, for the purpose of providing documentation for these facts. 

Richard, having never held a job and being supported by his wealthy parents all of his life, died on May 8th, 1993 of chronic alcoholism in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Death Certificate

I began college in the autumn of 1967, having graduated from high school in home study while pregnant.

My parents, particularly my mother, took care of my daughter in my absence. Eventually, they asked to adopt her, to which I consented, this conditions. Record of Adoption

A pretty child, Morgan early showed signs of psychopathy, learning to manipulate my parents, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Pillsbury. Both I and my siblings noticed this with concern, wondering why this was taking place.

Morgan's methods, I later discovered, were never subtle. Failing to get her way she would follow her victim around the house screaming and pressuring them for what she wanted. I believe this contributed to the real unhappiness my parents clearly were experiencing in their last years.

When Morgan was 16, she had dropped out of middle school in the 8th grade, my parents sent her to live with their eldest daughter, Anne, in Santa Barbara. Eventually Anne, unable to tolerate her excesses, lying, and attempts to involve her cousin in inappropriate behavior, kicked her out and she moved in with me and my then husband, Craig Franklin.

Morgan displays the characteristics of histrionic dramatization the 'drama queen' aspect of psychopathy. With access to ample resources and many opportunities to obtain an education she remains nearly illiterate. A single visit to the site she maintains to libel and slander me reveals the truth of this assertion.

Although she was supported in her own apartment for years while supposedly attending college she never did so, remaining without skills. She was also supported for several years, until she was into her thirties, when she demanded she have a chance to 'make it' in the film industry.

During this time she began manipulating my other four children, from my second and third marriages, putting their lives in danger.

In 1998, during the time of my divorce from Franklin, she was being supported by my then estranged husband, with whom she had a relationship. The amount he paid her monthy was $5,000. When the suicide attempt Craig orchestrated to ensure our disabled son, Arthur, did not survive and so cost him support, he paid Morgan to tell me she had a heart condition and needed Arthur's heart as a transplant. For this she was paid $10,000.

Otherwise, her time was spent in drinking, taking drugs, sexual liaisons, and looking for a rich husband.

She has never engaged in any productive activity not forced on her by circumstances she found herself unable to control.

She used me as a source for finding wealthy men, who I knew as part of my work in organizations and politically.

Eventually she started a relationship with my last husband, who paid her to assist him in obtaining a divorce in a ways which minimized his liabilities to me. He was, at the time, Senior Vice President for Green Hills Software.

Craig, I discovered in 2003, is a sexual pervet, a pedaphile, whose focus is having incestuous sex with little girls to whom he is related. Craig is now living in Laguna Beach, California. I maintain a website to warn women about him at Craig Franklin.

The balance of her life has been more of the same. She is now married to a factory worker, Jay Gell, and living in King's Mountain, North Carolina. They have two children, both boys. I have excluded both from my life due to the real possibility they could also be psychopathic and because it is impossible to have contact without being subjected to more attacks by both Morgan and her husband.

All of these individuals have been named in my will as not having any relationship with me and are excluded from all familial relations and powers in my life and the life of my son, Arthur Edward Foster.

Morgan is not my daughter and has not been legally since she was adopted by my parents. This took place when she was 12 and would, for legal purposes, be my sister if I had not already taken all steps to end any relationship whatsoever. 

Today, Morgan is 48 years old.  Her tubes have been tied and she is still functionally illiterate. 

All relevant documentation of these facts are here, See Time Line

Signed, April 5, 2014


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

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