Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Illiterate and Lethargic Again Emerge

In August of 2006 the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, Alex and Wendy, were living with their two children. Wendy was working the job she had held for years at a law firm and Alex was unemployed, having lost his job as a guide on the Jungle Ride at Disneyland.

Alex suggested a short family vacation to Las Vegas with the kids and their friends, Tony English and his wife. Wendy was looking forward to some time away. The kids were looking forward to their trip on the airplane.

The two couples had arranged to fly together on Southwest for the hop to Las Vegas from Orange County. Then, trauma struck. Because of his behavior the stewardess refused to let Alex on her flight and he was left to find another flight, which he did. These kinds of events were standard for Alex, so even though it was annoying everyone continued determined to enjoy themselves.

The trip went as well as could be expected. Alex joined them at the hotel and the kids settled down in their room very near to Wendy and Alex.

Saturday, Alex and Tony went off on 'business,' not that anything of monetary value ever materialized from these sessions. Alex had told her Saturday night was their 'date night' and they, just the two of them, would be going out, leaving the children with a babysitter. This sounded good to Wendy, as the vacation had been a continuation of unbroken motherly duties and no time for herself. 
Continuing to work, with no break, is not exactly a vacation.

After Alex and Tony left Wendy and the kids retired to the pool, where Ashley found two playmates, slightly older girls, who made much of her as their families looked on benignly to the frolicking in the pool.

Later in the afternoon Wendy, needing to visit the Lady's room tried to extract her daughter, who refused to leave her new friends. The friends and their parents urged her to let Ashley stay so after reminding Ashley to behave herself, Wendy retired to the Lady's room for a few moments.

When she returned Alex had made an appearance, announcing all of them, Tony and his wife and the kids, would be going out that evening.

Wendy, disappointed in the change of plans, demanded to know why. Alex refused to answer, becoming arrogant and snarky, as usual. This resulted in an altercation which grew louder until the occupants of the adjacent room called the desk. A security man arrived, demanding they leave the hotel immediately.

Embarrassed and hurt, Wendy began packing both for herself and Alex but also running to the kids room to gather their things as well. Alex, never a tidy person, had spread his possessions widely.Alex, as a Duke labors under the belief he is not required to take care of his own 'stuff.' 

Since they were leaving the next morning anyway, instead of looking for another hotel the family headed for the airport. The time was already growing late and they did not arrive until the wee small hours of the morning. 

Wendy, remembering the incident commented life is far more peaceful since Alex evaporated. If only he would stay evaporated life would be, not perfect, but far better.

Wendy believes this attack, taking place from Morgan the Manchester Flack and Laura Buddy, happened now because Alex did not appear for his February 25th hearing in the court room of Judge Anne E. Zimmerman and a Bench Warrant was issued. Someone evidently made haste to schedule a hearing asking the Warrant be quashed, which will take place on Monday, March 3rd at 8:00am.  Details: 

See Time Line for Hearings
CASE NO. 11F21867X  
Anne E. Zimmerman Department Eight D
 Las Vegas Township Justice Court
Term of Office 2000–present
Julie Olness-Weinner
Judicial Executive Assistant
(702) 671-3408 Voice
                         (702) 385-8912 Fax

 Bad check to Speedy Car Loan (This dates from 2011)

Wendy, sighing, said it is certainly not the first time Alex has been Bench Warranted. She also certified she was never, at any time, behaving in a fashion which would raise the eyebrows of even the fustiest of prudes. 

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