Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Morgan and Laura are providing writing services for each other and Karl Schwarz

On the recent inane, repetitive, and inaccurate posts by Morgan Gell appearing on her site. 

I will not bother to continuously rebut rehashed lies invented by Morgan and  Laura Anne Smith, AKA, Laura, Duchess of Manchester.  

These two middle-aged women, Morgan is now 46 and Laura is 50, are phone buddies and co-conspirators in their pedestrian and ham-handed attempts to defame me. 

They will doubtless point out I am even older than are they.  So what?  It would be hard not to be years older than Morgan when I did, in fact, give birth to her.  

I long since rejected any relationship with Morgan permanently and unequivocally.  Morgan's relationship with Laura is curiously appropriate.  The two have an astonishing number of traits in common.  

Laura is the daughter of a Michigan farmer, where she was raised and attended high school.  

Morgan is one of the three degenerate offspring of Richard Lee Barteaux, my first husband and Morgan's biological father.  Richard was a psychopath, something I did not learn until last year, never having seen him after very early 1967 for reasons which, actually, do provide evidentiary  affirmation of his condition.  

Read this site, if you want details on Morgan's biological heritage.  For information on her character google, "John Fund" remembering she was no innocent blossom of girlhood when she either seduced, or was seduced by, my former boy friend.  

Morgan was looking because her previous victim, Eugene Volokh had escaped and she had failed to securely attach Eddy van Halen, her lover for some years.  

She was, in fact, in her early 30s when she and Fund began their bizarre sexual liaison.    

All of the revelations available on line will provide you with insights into the quality of Morgan's character. 

Unfortunately, my parents are deceased so I cannot abjectly apologize to them for having sullied our family genome by giving birth to her.  

Note - neither Morgan or Laura write about anything of substance.  Ideas and the intellect are alien to them.  They never provide documentation, living in pristine ignorance of the rules of logic.  If you feel moved by the horror I confront sign up at Lovefraud.com to ensure you have protected yourself.  

Morgan has done nothing of note with her life except to engage in illicit sexual relations with men she hoped to snag.   My father commented he hoped she would be able to hold a job as a secretary some day.  No such giddy heights of responsibility awaited Morgan.  

I have never met Laura and have not seen Morgan since 2005, and then briefly.  It is my cherished wish never to see her again. 

Read my articles, which are respected and reposted.   Consider the evidence.  

I do not write about Morgan unless she attacks me, and then as little as possible because, on top of everything else, she is boring.  

Laura also would be spared my attentions if she spent her time trying to return her husband, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester to some semblance of respectability.  This is, doubtless, too daunting a task.  

The Duke and Duchess of Manchester.  

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